Shaquille O'Neal. a mis le feu dans la fosse de Tomorrowland

Viral photos of Shaq in Tomorrowland, totally unleashed!

Adam’s apple (DR) / @dancingastro

At the moment, Shaquille O’Neal is not an NBA legend, but a DJ who makes many electro music fans dance in Europe. And passing through Tomorrowland in Belgium, the Diesel didn’t just mix, he also went down into the pit to dance!

This summer you must not call it Shaquille O’Neal, but DJ Diesel… Indeed, the most dominant pivot in the history of the NBA has decided to embark on a world tour of the most upscale festivals and nightclubs, to share his mixes with fans who are still just as passionate. . After Croatia and his viral dance with Luka Doncic, Shaq was in Belgium for Tomorrowland, a reference in the world of electro. His passage was noticed:

Great show Shaq.

Shaquille O’Neal in the pit of Tomorrowland!

As usual, DJ Diesel set fire to the Tomorrowland stage, where he was welcomed as a superstar. But he wasn’t just there to work, he was also there to have a good time and unwind, like a normal person. So before putting himself in the shoes of the king of the turntables, he joined the festival-goers in the pit to dance. We pity those who were behind him and saw nothing of the show!

As during his previous visit in 2019, Shaquille O’Neal spent himself in the pit with the festival-goers, which obviously gives quite lunar images… In the middle of a classic crowd, his 2m16 and 150 kilos give him an almost superhuman air. This is an advantage, since he was not pushed around during Sullivan King’s excellent concert.

And the good news when the Shaq travels is that he doesn’t just put a smile on those lucky enough to dance with him and take a picture, he also helps the communities he visits. Last month, for example, he donated the money earned at a concert to the victim of a shooting in the Buffalo area. This tour is especially for others, proof of his altruism.

Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t drop by Tomorrowland and just mix on stage… He took time to descend with the festival-goers into the pit and savor some gigs. Anyway, let’s hope he didn’t participate in a pogo, he would have destroyed everyone!



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