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La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait des raisons de quitter la franchise

“This is the real reason behind LeBron’s return to the Drew League”

After more than 10 years of absence, LeBron James made his return to the Drew League last week. But is there a hidden reason behind this choice on the part of the King? Yes according to a columnist at ESPN, who recently attacked the Lakers player. What is certain is that James continues to be talked about after his performance on the court.

LeBron James has recently moved the crowds again, on the occasion of his presence in the Drew League. A summer league, very popular with NBA players and popularized a long time ago by Kobe Bryant. Since then, James Harden, Kyrie Irving or even DeMar DeRozan have appeared on these floors, always with the aim of putting on a little show, but above all winning. The King was no exception with a victory, but as a bonus a huge performance.

Lakers fans were the first happy, since it’s been a while since LeBron showed off his talent in front of an audience. The Angelinos failed to reach the playoffs, and we now have to wait until October to find the King with his team. Nevertheless, this presence in Drew League may have had a hidden purpose.

LeBron James’ Secret Drew League Goal

Indeed, with such a long absence from the floors, perhaps the native of Akron wanted to draw attention to himself again, which may explain his involvement in the game. This is at least the theory put forward by Alan Hahn, on a recent show for ESPN. According to him, James still needed to draw the light on him, when he missed the last playoffs with his Lakers.

“LeBron James is also going to the Drew League as a reminder that he still exists. We haven’t seen him play basketball in months… Looks like he wants to say, “hey people, don’t you forget me? »

A lack of attention, or simply the desire to play during a match? We can think that LeBron was aiming for the second option, he who has not evolved for a very long time in a real meeting. After 11 years of absence, it is clear that this visit to Drew League is not the result of chance. The King had fun, hoping he decides to come back more often, to the delight of the fans.

Did LeBron James want to draw the light on him? Her arrival in Drew League is in any case talking about her, which was perhaps the goal. Whatever happens, the King had fun, and is still preparing for this new campaign with the Lakers. The sequel promises to be explosive for the 37-year-old player.



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