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rain of stars, knees on the ground ... what not to miss from the Super Bowl

rain of stars, knees on the ground … what not to miss from the Super Bowl

Suspense on the field, a rain of stars at halftime and in the stands… The Super Bowl still made an impression on Sunday with the Rams’ home success against the Bengals (23-20) as the apotheosis.

A breathless match to the end, with the victory of the Rams (23-20) against the Bengals, but also the whole show business at the stadium, hip-hop, advertisements and a knee on the ground posed by Eminem, the 56th Super Bowl was full of highlights.

Shower of stars in LA

The Rock on the lawn as Mr. Loyal to present the teams, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye “Ye” West in a hood, Jay-Z on the edge of the field, Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg, the Super Bowl smelled of glamour. The most watched sporting event in the United States was back in Los Angeles for the first time in 29 years in the brand new setting of SoFi Stadium, and the cream of show business came in droves.

Mixon, the unlikely smuggler

American football is a specialist sport. But on Sunday, to everyone’s surprise, Cincinnati running back Joe Mixon turned into a quarterback. First assist of his career and first touchdown shortly before the break for the Californian-born, which kept the Bengals in the game.

Beckham Jr’s knee gives way

Author of a touchdown, the receiver Odell Beckham Jr was left to wreak havoc throughout the match in the defense of the Bengals. But on receiving a pass, alone, he collapses and grabs his knee. He goes to the locker room limping. The game is restarted.

The half-time block party

Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Eminem: some of the legends of rap rolled out many of their hits, in a euphoric stadium. The public was even treated to the surprise appearance of 50 Cent, suspended by the feet, as well as the hard-hitting flow of the symbol of the new generation, Kendrick Lamar. All on the roofs of a row of typical Los Angeles one-story houses, lowrider style cars (with lowered bodies) parked in front, with the raspy voice of singer Mary J Blige in counterpoint.

The fiery reaction from SoFi Stadium and social networks reminded us, if need be, that hip-hop had become the dominant musical genre in the United States. The titles “The Next Episode” (Dre / Snoop), “California Love” (Dr Dre / 2Pac) or “In Da Club”, sung on Sunday, have become classics of American culture.

Eminem’s knee hits the ground

From one knee to another, from one pain to another. After having gratified the fans with his hit “Lose Yourself”, an anthem to the underdogs who finally triumph and found an echo in the Bengals that no one had seen coming, the rapper from Detroit ended his performance by kneeling.

A clear reference to the gesture of quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick, who had thus protested against police violence against blacks in the United States and had sparked a small revolution in the NFL in 2016, an insult from Donald Trump as a bonus.

Eminem goes down on one knee during the Super Bowl
Eminem kneels on the ground during the Super Bowl © AFP

Electric cars and cryptocurrencies are being advertised

Dr. Evil from the movie “Austin Powers”, a robot-dog, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Zeus, the manufacturers did not skimp to promote their electric vehicles. This is the realization of the radical shift recently taken by the American automobile industry.

Also in the spotlight of the Super Bowl publicity caravan, the cryptocurrency giants, with a special mention for The platform, which recently acquired the former Staples Center, home of the Lakers in Downtown LA, featured basketball superstar LeBron James in an encounter with the young LeBron, recreated by superimposition on the face of young actor Bentley Green.

Kupp rises and delivers the Rams

He’s not the fastest, not the most powerful, but receiver Cooper Kupp knows how to catch a pass. He proved it on Sunday, capturing, in suspension, a throw from quarterback Matthew Stafford, 85 seconds from the end of the game. Ironed in front (22-20), Los Angeles should no longer be joined after this “twist” (reversal of the situation) worthy of Hollywood films.



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