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Morocco Hosts US-Africa Business Summit |  Atalayar

Morocco Hosts US-Africa Business Summit | Atalayar

From July 19-22, Morocco will host the 14th American-African Business Summit. Marrakech will host the event, making it the first city in the north of the continent to do so. The forum is organized by the Business Council for Africa (CCA) and this year’s theme is “Let’s build the future together”.

Holding this summit represents a unique opportunity for the Kingdom. Over the years, the North African nation has developed a very favorable economic well-being that has turned the eyes of all international powers to the region. This is why Morocco will have the honor of hosting this event, where it will show its full potential in the business world.

During these days, Morocco’s ambition to develop this sector will be reflected. The Kingdom will show the importance of sustainable development in Africa, one of its economic strengths in recent years. It is worth mentioning that the Maghreb country has been able to attract global companies to develop sustainable and ecological projects, making it a major global economic center for this industry, which is already starting to bear fruit and become internationally relevant. .

Morocco’s business environment is also remarkable. Thanks to the country’s laws, which allow for reduced taxes and incentives, businesses are favored and can operate in a stable environment. International brands are the ones that benefit the most from these advantages and can make their way on the continent.

AFP/FADEL SENNA – Employees of the French Renault group in Morocco work on a production line at the Renault plant in Tangier.

But that’s not all Morocco will do. The Kingdom will be on a mission to strengthen Africa in the global economy and ensure that Africa begins to be valued. It will highlight the business opportunities of the continent and the desire to finally be recognized. The region therefore wishes to increasingly integrate into international trade flows and global value chains.

This has become the main focus of the continent following the COVID-19 crisis. The passage of the virus has been a determining factor for companies in all countries, and the aim is to give them a new impetus so that they have the opportunity to grow and strengthen again.

A high-level delegation from the US government, African ministers and political leaders from the largest US multinationals and African companies will participate in this forum. This will be a great opportunity to strengthen and create a common vision for this sector between the United States and Morocco within the framework of commercial partnerships.

The summit will be divided into several parts for its smooth running. During these three days, guests will be able to attend high-level dialogues, plenary sessions, round tables and other activities on the continent’s priorities. These will be divided into sectors important to both territories, such as food security, health, agriculture, energy transition, new technologies and infrastructure, and industrial integration.

AFP/FADEL SENNA - Laboratorio del center de formation en tecnologías de la information "1337" in the central city of Marruecos, Khouribga
AFP/FADEL SENNA – Laboratory of the computer training center “1337” in the city of Khouribga, in central Morocco.

Another moment to strengthen an unprecedented relationship

The event is another glimpse into the great relationship between the United States and Morocco. The two countries are involved in all sorts of important collaborations and agreements which have helped strengthen their ties. These collaborations have mainly taken place in the economic, commercial, military and other sectors.

This relationship reached its peak in 2020. Under the presidency of former President Donald Trump, and after several months of talks and dialogue, the Abraham Accords were signed, restoring relations with Israel and leaving years behind. of tension and conflict. In return, Morocco got the United States to recognize its sovereignty over Western Sahara. This is a key moment for the Alaouite country, because thanks to the step taken by the United States, many other countries have now joined the Moroccan cause, making it the only viable option to establish peace. on the territory.

Coordinator for the Americas: Jose Antonio Sierra



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