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La star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, a indirectement critiqué son ami, le leader des Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James, via sa dernière déclaration

LeBron finally speaks on the Finals and the title of the Warriors!

More than a month after the end of the season, LeBron James has finally returned to the coronation of Stephen Curry and the Warriors. In his program “The Shop”, he explained in particular why he recognized himself in these Finals and in a particular player.

LeBron James was not even qualified for the playoffs with his Lakers, and yet his name has often been associated with the Finals between the Warriors and the Celtics. Indeed, for some observers, Stephen Curry had the opportunity to join him, or even surpass him in the all-time hierarchy with a fourth title and a first MVP crown associated with this ring.

The Chef has obviously succeeded in this great achievement, he is now as titled as the King, which already gives rise to some risque statements about GOAT status. No doubt aware that his legend has been endangered by the success of the Warriors dynasty, LeBron had also been quite discreet during and after the Finals, in merely congratulating his great friend Draymond Green.

LeBron James recognized himself as Jayson Tatum in the Finals

But during the last episode of his show “The Shop”, the number 6 of the Lakers finally spoke about this title and this series. He notably explained how Golden State went about winning quite easily, and why he recognized himself in these Finals. Obviously he saw a bit of himself in Jayson Tatum, which should make people smile. Celtics fans he insulted in that same interview.

Jayson Tatum is a monster, but he didn’t play to his standards in the Finals. He still managed an incredible season, he is not even 25 years old, he will be back at this level for sure. He doesn’t have to lower his head because of this series. He played against the same team me on my first Finals. I faced the Spurs dynasty! It’s the same thing, they were able to take advantage of my inexperience.

According to LeBron James, if Jayson Tatum was not good in the Finals, if the Celtics lost, it was because the Warriors were able to take advantage of their inexperience at this level of the competition. A situation that reminds him of what he experienced in 2007 against Spurs. At the head of rather untalented Cavaliers, the King could not do anything against a machine that exploited all the weaknesses of Cleveland.

But the Lakers superstar is confident, Jayson Tatum is still very young, he is surrounded by an excellent collective, he has no doubt for a moment that he will return to the Finals one day or another. And why not next season in a legendary duel between the two most successful franchises in history, like in 2010?! Audiences would break all records…

LeBron James recognized himself in these Finals 2022. According to him, Jayson Tatum’s situation is the same as his at the time, since he simply did not have the answers to beat a dynasty as accomplished and well prepared as the Spurs.



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