Four retro clothing stores to visit in Paris or the USA

Four retro clothing stores to visit in Paris or the USA

Clothes vintage never go out of fashion for most people. There are also people who prefer to wear old models than new ones, finding that it looks more classy and exotic. We can see that even stars around the world often take pleasure in dressing like in the 50s, 70s when it suits them.

To believe that it is easy to find some, but not at all. The stores vintage do not run the streets, you need references or you have to look well before finding them.

Are you a fan of retro clothes? are you old school? So in our Mardi Voyage section, discover these four shops that could make you happy during your stay in Paris or the United States.

  • Thanx God I’m a VIP in Paris

We all know that Paris is nicknamed La Capitale de la Mode, so no wonder it has one of the best vintage shops in the world. This store exists since 1994, its founder was called Sylvie Chateigner. There is a panoply of second-hand items and it is one of the oldest references in this field in France.

The interior offers an exceptional decorative spectacle. The clothes are arranged and classified in order of color. It offers countless pieces from different haute couture giants such as Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Herm├Ęs, among others.

This shop, considered in France as a clothing paradise, is full of luxury retro clothing and accessories. It is not without reason that celebrities from all over the world, such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, stylists, artisans and collectors go there to find pieces. You will find rare dresses worn by former artists, jewelry and designer handbags.

  • Vintage Vortex in Los Angeles

This vintage store is located in Los Angeles, at Thai Town in East Hollywood. It offers a variety of styles of accessories and clothing from ancient times. It is a shop that offers models dating back almost a century, from 1920 to 2000. The staff offers you a warm welcome tinged with good old music and friendliness. Whatever you want, rock concert t-shirts, jewelry, costumes, and any outfit that was worn by a big star you admired back in the day, you can knock on the door at VV.

If you are a fan of thrift stores and you are passing through New York for the holidays, you can take the opportunity to stop by Feng Sway. This vintage clothing store is located in an alley in Brooklyn. Not only do they have an impressive collection there, but there is an authentic atmosphere. They keep all kinds of retro pieces from all eras, such as kimonos, lace dresses, and even plants and a variety of decorative accessories. It is said that one of the secrets of its owner is to regularly travel to Florida to obtain rare items in Palm Beach during estate sales.

Always remember that you can count on owners and sellers to guide you. They are often passionate about their work and take great pleasure in helping customers find what they are looking for.





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