Kobe Bryant aurait pu gagner 1 million face à Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s crazy $1 million bet… refused by Kobe Bryant!

NBA (DR) / @floydmayweather

Floyd Mayweather has money beyond what to do with it, and he hesitate not to engage in totally disproportionate bets with his friends. One day, “Money”, for example, made an incredible offer of 1 million dollars to Kobe Bryant. It was almost given for the Mamba.

Even today, Kobe Bryant holds a special place in the minds of all fans. More than two years after his disappearance, and while his widow Vanessa is still fighting in court to honor his memory, the Mamba remains an ultimate reference in the NBA. The proof, the big boss of the Lakers Jeanie Buss has just made him the most beautiful of compliments when discussing the Kyrie Irving file

And if the legendary No. 8/24 is so beloved by fans, it’s not just because of his memorable exploits on the court, but also for all he’s accomplished off it. He trained his daughter Gigi and fought for the development of women’s basketball across the Atlantic, and in 2017, he also launched into the cinema with the production of his first short film “Dear Basketball”, an Oscar-winning masterpiece. .

Mayweather dreamed of a 1v1 with Kobe Bryant

When he presented his project to Internet users with this viral Instagram post, some friends perceived a semblance of fragility, susceptibility, and they took the opportunity to make outlandish requests. For example, in the comments, boxer Floyd Mayweather challenged the Mamba:

Hey Kobe, I’m ready to play you 1 on 1 for $1 million.

Floyd Mayweather is a man who loves challenges and money, this 1 against 1 against the aging Kobe Bryant was necessarily enticing for him, even if he suspected that he did not have the slightest chance… Unfortunately, the Mamba never came across this tempting offer and this entertaining duel never took place. In the end, it may be a good thing for Money, who already had trouble facing streetball specialists.

Kobe Bryant could have made $1 million pretty easily, but he clearly wasn’t in need. Besides, he had nothing to gain beyond a few tickets, sincea victory would have been most logical, and a defeat particularly shameful.



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