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NBA Deandre Ayton prolonge aux Suns

Deandre Ayton reacts cash to his controversial extension to the Suns!

The shambles around Deandre Ayton ended, the interior having extended to the side of Phoenix. The player also released a first reaction to the signing of his new contract… However, we seriously doubt the veracity of his words.

We talked a lot about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving lately, but the strangest case of the summer is undoubtedly on the Suns’ side, in the person of Deandre Ayton. Very disappointing in the playoffs and singled out for his questionable attitude off the field, the pivot was on the way to being traded. The Nets have often been mentioned as a base, but in the end, the Cactus found themselves in a very embarrassing situation.

Indeed, not only have the leaders failed to exchange him, but they will even have to pay him 133 million over four years now, i.e. the Pacers’ offer which they immediately matched in order not to remain hands. empty. Not surprisingly, they got humiliated because of this catastrophic management of the case of the big man… As for the latter, he signed his new lease very perky recently, publishing the following message in stride:

Deandre Ayton happy to stay at Suns

Phoenix! I grew up here, I was drafted here, I had my son here. We have the best fans in the world. I am ready to return to work with my brothers.

On the surface, the Bahamian says he is totally happy to stay in a state he now knows like the back of his hand, having played there in the NCAA as well as in the NBA. Unfortunately for him, it is hard to believe in his sincerity after the last few weeks that have been so tense about him, especially since it is rumored that he was anything but happy there… All of this is therefore much more akin to a blow of comm’ than anything else and as far as the fans are concerned, the latter are in any case far from being convinced:

You say that like you ain’t tryna run to Indiana

Did the Suns tell you to post this?

Despite the incessant rumors around him, Deandre Ayton will therefore be a Suns player next year. It’s up to him now to repair his relationship with the franchise like the fans, because he has a lot to make up for after 2021-22.



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