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Kevin Durant sort du silence dans le feuilleton Kyrie Irving !

Bomb on Kevin Durant, who would like to fire Kyrie from the Nets!

Since various weeks, the NBA microcosm has its eyes riveted on Brooklyn and on the progress of the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant files. But according to the revelations of a reputable journalist fromESPNthe Nets mayhem was allegedly orchestrated by KD himself, with a very clear purpose behind…

When will the situation settle down for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving?! Several weeks after the bomb that was their simultaneous trade request, the two All-Stars are still under contract with the Nets and the file seems to be at a standstill. According to Adrian Wojnarowski the leaders would always bustle to get KD outbut the offers are not numerous and not attractive enough.

Side Kyrie Irvingthings are not progressing so much thathe would have resigned himself and that he would already be preparing his return to his franchise heart, for one last season before finding himself a free agent. Tensions with management are and always will be, but if he plays for a max contract elsewhere, Uncle Drew could display a phenomenal level on the pitch.

Kevin Durant would fake a start to fire Kyrie!

But during a passage in the podcast of Zach Lowe, the journalist ofESPN Dave McMenamin made a pretty incredible revelation about the situation. According to several leaders, the chaos that reigns in the Nets would have been sponsored by Kevin Durant with a single objective: to clear Kyrie Irving after a season filled with scandals! Attention, big bomb in the file:

There are quite a few people in the NBA who think Kevin Durant’s trade request had nothing to do with wanting him to leave. He would rather have done this to get Kyrie Irving to leave the franchise. The reason the market is stuck right now is because the Nets don’t want to let Kyrie go until they’re 200% certain Kevin Durant is going to stay next.

According to Dave McMenamin’s discussions with some executives, Kevin Durant allegedly asked for a trade with the one and only goal that Kyrie Irving do the same, be traded first, so he could change his mind and stay in Brooklyn. with Ben Simmons and the players who arrived in exchange for Uncle Drew. A totally crazy theory, but one that is believable with Kyrie’s unreliability. In any case, Internet users take this bomb with a grain of salt:

That does not make any sense. While that’s true, if you really want to stay in a franchise, you don’t ask for a trade, no matter the reason. The leaders may trade you.

Difficult to know if this revelation is true or not, but Dave McMenamin has many reliable sources in the offices… In any case, this bomb would explain the slowness of the file and the uncertainty which reigns in the frankness.



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