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Dejounte Murray a incendié Gregg Popovich suite à son départ chez les Hawks

Barely gone, Dejounte Murray burns Gregg Popovich!

Dejounte Murray was at the heart of one of the exchanges of I’summer, and since his arrival in Atlanta, he has been particularly talkative about his former franchise… In the face of criticism from some Spurs fans, he did not hesitate to drop a huge tackle on Gregg Popovich and his system!

After that of Rudy Gobert towards Minnesota, the exchange which sent Dejounte Murray to Atlanta is perhaps the most important of the summer in the NBA. It must be said that at the Hawks, he will find another All-Star leader, Trae Young, and this pair so different but so complementary could do a lot of harm in the Eastern Conference. Enough to find the conference final? Answer in a few months.

And if Murray was at first very classy and very grateful about his time at Spurs, he is gradually starting to let go in the face of negative comments from some fans towards him. Thus, he did not hesitate to explain that he was finally going to feel happy in Atlanta, which was not necessarily the case in Texas. A remark that led to a viral exchange with a fan, and a big tackle on Gregg Popovich and his system!

Gregg Popovich and the Spurs destroyed by Dejounte Murray!

I feel FREE and I feel DESIRED…BEST season ahead and I’m going to be HAPPY I promise!!!! 😤

Internet user: BYE! 😂 Take flight little bird… Good luck reaching the second round of the playoffs. At least we have draft picks and we’re building around Keldon Johnson.

Dejounte Murray: The way the Spurs system is screwed up, you are going to lose for the next 15 years!!! The problem is much bigger than basketball.

Dejounte Murray feels free since he has been in Atlanta, and above all desired, both by the fans and by the managers and his new teammates… But the main lesson of this exchange is that he sees the Spurs system established by Gregg Popovich as a failure, and he believes that, under these conditions, the franchise is doomed to failure for at least 15 years! A very daring opinion against the one who is considered by many to be the best coach of all time.

In the Spurs system, Dejounte Murray has progressed each year to the point of becoming All-Star last season… But obviously, he is not convinced by the ability by Gregg Popovich to win with the current workforce, and by the ability of leaders to rebuild.



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