Isaiah Thomas chez les Hornets

At the bottom of the hole, the ballsy message of Isaiah Thomas!

Now without a franchise, with a few freelances with the Hornets last year, Isaiah Thomas still dreams of returning to the NBA. He has just posted a message to this effect on his twitter account, even if we can say that it is quite daring. After all, the veteran is far from convincing on the court with his performance.

Passing through the Lakers, the Mavericks and then the Hornets, Isaiah Thomas did not convince many people last season. He averaged 8.3 points off the bench despite everything, but he is seen as a simple veteran by the franchises. This summer, he finds himself without a contract, and without confirmed interest. His defense can explain all of this, but we can think that the teams are temporizing while waiting for the outcome of the Kyrie Irving soap operas, but above all Kevin Durant.

Isaiah Thomas’ daring message on Twitter!

Once the stars are exchanged, the franchises will take action to complete their roster. This is where Thomas can hope to have a chance, although nothing is confirmed at this time. It is clear that the little elf is very far from his bonus, but the interested party is not of the same opinion. In any case, this is what he says in a recent message shared on his twitter account.

Fan: “People forget how good Isaiah Thomas was. »

Thomas: “Is* lol”.

By this simple correction, Thomas seeks to remind that he always evolves at his best level. If so, he failed to prove it last year with the Lakers or the Hornets. He can still perform a few sparks, but he’s no longer at his level at the Celtics, which makes a signing more complex. In the comments, Internet users disapprove.

No “was good” lol… But everything is fine. You’ve accomplished a lot and overcome adversity all your life. Enjoy retirement.

Sorry IT you are not so good anymore.

Isaiah Thomas is he still at the same level as at the Celtics? The answer is clearly no, with later seasons easily confirming that. It’s up to him to work hard to hope for a return off the bench, but be careful to accept a new role.



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