Abortion in the USA, we don't want to lose rights, we want to gain them!  Unitary call for mobilization around July 2!

Abortion in the USA, we don’t want to lose rights, we want to gain them! Unitary call for mobilization around July 2!

Joint statement of which the LDH is a signatory and call for assembly on Saturday July 2, at 2:30 p.m. place Pierre Larroque to the Trocadéro (Paris)

See the list of gatherings everywhere in France

The United States Supreme Court decision on abortion: the “Abortion collective in Europe, women decide” denounces a historic violation of women’s rights!

This decision was certainly expected, but it is no less terrible: the Supreme Court has just reconsidered the historic Roe vs. Wade decision, which for nearly half a century had recognized the right to abortion throughout the territory of the UNITED STATES. The right of women to dispose of their bodies is still and always threatened!

This decision will allow many States to ban abortion on their territory. Thirteen of them are in a position to do so now with immediate effect while others could legislate restrictions. Half of the states say they want to ban abortion.

This massive attack on women’s rights was taken by a court composed of a conservative and male majority. It will obviously have harmful repercussions at the international level. At a time when, thanks to the mobilization of feminists in countries such as Ireland, Argentina and Colombia, they are obtaining the right to abortion, there is a great risk of seeing this impulse reversed. We are already witnessing many restrictions against women’s rights in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. Ukrainian women, refugees in Poland, are denied the right to abortion even though it is legal in their country!

In France, the rise of the far right and the presence of 89 National Rally MPs in the National Assembly are also a threat to our rights! Abortion opponents have never let go in France!

We support the demand for the constitutionalization of abortion.

We denounce this unacceptable patriarchal decision and call for a national mobilization on Saturday July 2!

More than ever, let’s remain vigilant so that our gains are not destroyed!

The “Collective abortion in Europe, women decide” is made up of feminist associations, trade unions and political parties. The active elements are: National Association of CIVGs, National Association of Orthogenist Midwives, National Collective for Women’s Rights, Coordination of Associations for the Right to Abortion and Contraception, Solidarity Women, Maison des femmes de Paris, World March of Women, Dare Feminism, Family Planning, Unitary Trade Union Federation, Solidarity Trade Union Union, New Anti-Capitalist Party.

Paris, June 27, 2022



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