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LeBron James en colère après un coup de sifflet de l'arbitre

A Clipper launches hostilities and tackles the Lakers badly!

The season won’t start for a few months yet, the battle for Los Angeles has already begun for John Wall. The newcomer to the City of Angels is very hot, to the point of provoking the Lakers regarding the upcoming campaign. Be careful now to assume on the floor.

The Lakers hope to fight for the title next year, with the possible return of Russell Westbrook to everyone’s surprise. I have to say that the point guard spoke with LeBron James and Anthony Davis about the future, which does not necessarily please the supporters. Whether Brodie is there or not, the Angelinos want a new ring, which gives them a commonality with the Clippers, who will be in full health.

After a season that can be described as a transition, Tyronn Lue’s men will be back. Kawhi Leonard should be 100% for the month of October, just like Paul George, who was able to heal his sores. In addition ? A new addition at the beginning of July, namely John Wall. The latter is revengeful after many galleys, and months without playing on the side of the Rockets.

John Wall is already attacking the Lakers

Yes, Wall is very motivated. He may not be at his prime anymore, but he wants to prove that he can still play at an excellent level. An appointment to check off next season? The duels against the Lakers, where Wall wants to shine. He did not take long to launch hostilities with his last interview. The Battle of Los Angeles? It does not exist for him, given the dominance of the Clippers.

” A battle ? Whatever you want to call it, I believe the Clippers haven’t lost the last 8 games? If I’m not mistaken. Both teams are competitive, but we know who they have, and we know who we have in our camp. »

Wall has confidence, and that’s an understatement. The leader is convinced that the Clippers will dominate the debates once again, but pay attention to the response on the floor. This is all the more true for the former Wizard, who will have to bounce back after several years of trouble. Be careful not to get too hot either in the City of Angels.

The battle for Los Angeles is already beginning… off the court at least. John Wall is ready to fight, even if he will have to wait for several months. We will carefully follow the duels between Lakers and Clippers, hoping to have two squads at 100%, which has not happened for a long time.



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