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Pablo Escobar NBA

what to do during this time?

Terrible, terrible news that you just read in the title above: the NBA is over for this season. Are you a basketball fan? The nights are now going to be long and devoted to something that the human beings you meet outside today call “sleeping”. To occupy this now free time, here is a summer schedule with TrashTalk sauce… guaranteed without added sugar and above all 100% concocted with love.

Alright, where to start. How can you fill a meaningless summer day without basketball to liven it up? And above all, how to repeat this as many times as necessary until the NBA returns in September with training camps? Oh my, these questions. The bravest among us will have immediately taken the tangent for the outside, but hey, it’s hot all the same at the moment. Come on, we’ll still give you something to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the other sporting events in progress. Impossible not to mention the WNBA first, since the regular season is currently taking place. The opportunity to encourage by screen the French Iliana Rupert, Gaby Williams and of course Marine Johannès… all three selected for the 2022 World Cup by the way. Speaking of international competition, the boys will be preparing for the EuroBasket from August 7th. What to eat more orange ball for the most fadas among us. Of course, here the question does not arise since we will obviously be focused in front of all that has just been mentioned. Also note that the calendars for the next regular season will be released in August, so we will of course offer you a long, wide, diagonal and even 3D analysis of all this.

For those who would like to diversify their sporting approach, we also have what it takes in the bag. Know for example that while the rest of us are melting, spread out in our underpants on the tiling, others much more daring face the most raised passes of the Pyrenees sitting on their bicycles. Yes, the Tour de France is in full swing, it’s a different kind of intensity than the NBA but never underestimate the emotional potential of an attack from Pierre Rolland in the ascent of Hautacam. We continue with the world championships in athletics held in Eugene, Oregon, and there is something here for everyone, throwing objects – but not Myles Turner’s Lego because we don’t want any take a – in sprint events, there is a way to sweat a lot in front of your TV, a vanilla pecan ice cream in your hand of course.

But if we want to air our minds?

Well already, preferably don’t do it this Monday, unless you have a water point in which to throw yourself. The heat is so delirious that it looks like LeBron James against Toronto in the Playoffs. Otherwise, we can give you tips for getting around France using our brand new touristometer (never used except to find the best chocolatines in Paris). Come on, let’s light it up, and here are our top 3 recommended events.

1 – The museum of old kitchen utensils – Saint-Denis-la-Chevasse (Vendée)

What better way to strengthen your knowledge and shine at social events than knowing the history of the fork and the no less interesting story of the sparing knife? Who is the first man to have imagined how to peel potatoes without wanting to break everything? Well look no further, it’s deep in the Vendée that all the answers are hidden.

2 – Sausage festival – Anduze (Gard)

On Monday August 12, come and share your passion for sausages with enthusiasts from the town of Anduze. Orchestra and various entertainment are on the program, as well as of course… the fried sausage menu at only 15€. Of course, who says picturesque party says dance meal and traditional choreography. Be careful not to stain yourself anyway.

3 – Espadrilles Throwing World Championship – Bayonne (Pyrénées Atlantiques)

Why ? Who ? These are often the first questions when we hear about this event, however so fabulous. The potential contained in the name of this competition is enormous, and it is fully realized in reality. So come to Bayonne on July 28 to try to launch your proud summer accessory as far as possible. The current record? 27.30 meters. Yes, this is a very serious discipline ladies and gentlemen. Besides, see for yourself with what enthusiasm The Independent described this performance in 2018, the year of its achievement: “The record for this late afternoon is held by a Banyulenc who threw the little canvas shoe with a rope sole at 27.30m. An anthology jet, close to the best performance in the specialty, which will remain in everyone’s memory”.

So, what do you choose? Some help ? Sit down, grab a good ice cream and think. Beach, mountain, plains? The world is full of beautiful places that are wonderful to see. The fact remains that the NBA will leave slowly in a big month and a half, so leave but come back quickly anyway.

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