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The star the Heat wants to associate with Kyrie or Kevin Durant!

Miami is an ambitious franchise that is taking on all the biggest cases this summer. The leaders see far, and they would already lean on certain targets in anticipation of a arrival of Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. That’s a franchise that runs perfectly.

The Heat is one of the most ambitious franchises in the NBA, so inevitably, the rumors are numerous this summer. After a great conference final against the Celtics, Pat Riley and the other leaders are on the lookout to improve the workforce and have a real chance of winning the title. For this they do not do things by halves and are interested in the biggest names available.

Following the disappointing playoffs of Kyle Lowry, yet arrived with the ambition to turn this group around, Miami immediately placed itself on the file Kyrie Irving, who could do wonders alongside a player like Jimmy Butler. According to some rumours, an exchange between the two leaders could also totally satisfy Sean Marksthe demanding GM of Brooklyn.

Show Harrell target of the Heat for the end of the summer?!

But that’s not all, as an offer was recently made for Kevin Durant, although this one was considered laughable by many specialists. The message sent is in any case quite clear: the Heat want to become a favorite for the title, and no target is out of reach. And because the leaders are competent, they already have targets in mind in case of a big trade.

The Heat could target Montrezl Harrell. “Miami could be a team to watch, especially if they make a big trade and have holes in the team to fill. »

Miami wants to offer a big star this summer, preferably Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant, and if the leaders succeed, they would already consider hiring Montrezl Harrell to complete the workforce. The interior hasn’t necessarily been exceptional with the Hornets, but it has proven its worth in the past. In any case, the fans are seduced by this idea, since it corresponds perfectly to the culture of the franchise.

This guy has the Heat culture in him 👀

The Heat are not one, but two shots ahead in preparation for next season. The leaders are looking at “normal” targets, but also at players who would be perfect in the event of the arrival of Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving.



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