NBA Russell Westbrook aux Lakers

New drama between the Lakers and an uncontrollable Russell Westbrook!

Russell Westbrook has been quoted on the departure of the Lakers for weeks, but his file has just become more complicated. We know that he recently separated from his agent, proof that the leader would not be frankly easy to live with. A real problem in Los Angeles, with an outcome that now seems inevitable.

It is clearly not the joy on the side of Los Angeles currently, while the front office is still looking for a way out to Russell Westbrook. He could soon leave the City of Angels to join the Nets, in exchange for Kyrie Irving, at least if Brooklyn accepts the proposal. It is not won, since the front office asks for a big counterpart, which does not please Rob Pelinka. We should see more clearly by the start of the school year, in September with the training camp.

But one detail seems to be confirmed over the days: Brodie should no longer wear the Angelinos jersey in the future. He made an important decision last week, after a separation from Thad Foucher, his agent for the past 14 years. Further proof that the leader wants to leave the Lakers, which The Athletic confirms in its latest article, via journalist Jovan Buha.

Westbrook more than ever close to a start!

According to the insider, there is almost no doubt that Westbrook will leave the Purple and Gold, remains to be seen when exactly, and to what destination. The thing is, the point guard would be very annoyed by recent events, as his decision with his agent can show. A divorce is almost recorded for number 0, who obviously does not want to set foot in the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook and the Lakers are headed for an inevitable divorce. Seeing him part ways with his agent confirms the fact that Russ has become harder to deal with.

While Harden saves money for the Sixers to give them a better title shot, Westbrook clings to his massive contract. A detail reproached to the leader, who does not make an effort at the Lakers, which seems to annoy his leaders more and more. Darvin Ham may count on him next season, a departure is recorded in Los Angeles.

Barring a huge turnaround, Russell Westbrook will play for another team next season. The leader himself wants to leave, at least if recent movements are to be believed, such as with the separation from his agent. A fiasco, barely a year after his arrival.



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