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Mike Brown validates Kings recruitment

Mike Brown validates Kings recruitment

Side Kingsthe priority of the offseason was to bring back shooters, in order to properly surround their trio De’Aaron Fox – Harrison Barnes – Domantas Sabonis.

By recruiting Malik Monk and Kevin Hurtertwo of last season’s most skilled shooters (39% to 3-pts each), while drafting Keegan Murray (40% external success in 2021/22), we can say that the Californian leaders have achieved their goal.

What has the gift of delighting mike brownSacramento’s new coach.

I love it “, he judges thus, in reference to the offseason of the franchise. ” I give a lot of credit to Monte McNair and Wes Wilcox for signing players who have the ability to have a big impact on what we want to do in the future. »

A more effective Fox/Sabonis duo, because better surrounded?

For Mike Brown, it is imperative that the Kings (34% of address at 3-pts in 2021/22, the 24th best in the NBA) progress in this area, in this NBA which gives pride of place to shooting.

One of the things everyone likes to do in this league is shoot “, Explains in this regard the one who had been Steve Kerr’s assistant since 2016. “ In that sense, bringing back the shooting quality of Malik Monk and Kevin Huerter is fantastic. Now couple it to the way Keegan shootin’ [Murray] and Harrison [Barnes], as well as Terence Davis who works hard, and you can say: ‘Okay, we have several players who can put the ball in the basket’. Which is extremely important, because it will allow De’Aaron Fox to have space and create for others. So it will help make the game easier for everyone, including him. »

For his part, Domantas Sabonis will also benefit from the arrivals of Keegan Murray, Malik Monk and Kevin Huerter, even if Mike Brown mainly intends to focus on defense to start. Recall that the Sacramento players had the 27th best in the league in 2021/22: 114.8 points against 100 possessions.

[Domantas] Sabonis is a creator, so it will be fantastic this quality of shooting around him “, Continues the coach of Nigeria and recent NBA champion. ” I love our rookies, they seem to fit perfectly [à l’équipe], I’m excited about it all. Now it’s my job to put these players into a system that makes sense to everyone and makes us effective on defense. As long as these players are willing to put in the effort, communicate and trust each other, we will have a system that will help them defensively. »

And if the mayonnaise takes completely, offensively and defensively, there will be a chance that the Kings will find the playoffs for the first time since… 2006.



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