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NBA Davis moqué sur Twitter

Madness approaching the Lakers? Woj tease heavy!

The Lakers are still looking to improve their roster, with the possible arrival of Kyrie Irving. But the point guard is not the only option for the franchise, which is still looking to explore many avenues. The supporters can in any case have a smile, because there will still be action in the City of Angels between now and the resumption.

The bulk of free agency may have passed, but big moves are expected in the coming months in the league, with the possible trade of Kevin Durant. However, the negotiations are not advancing, as with Kyrie Irving, which is still far from having packed its bags. Franchises must prepare for all scenarios, including the Lakers, who hope to strike a big blow by the resumption.

Another movement in sight at the Lakers!

It must be said that the priority is relatively simple in Los Angeles: everything for the win. The front office is ready to do what it takes to win, but Irving isn’t necessarily the only solution. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Angelinos are following other leads, whether for All-Stars, or other players. Whatever happens, we can still hope for a big move in this team.

I think the Lakers will at least make a deal, maybe more than one. It may not be Kyrie Irving, it may not be an All-NBA player, or an All-Star. But not everything is dead with Brooklyn, but a lot of those things depend on what happens with Kevin Durant.

Predictably, the Kevin Durant soap opera is blocking certain franchises. Including the Lakers, who probably won’t sign Kyrie until KD is traded to another team. Once that’s done, veterans may also have a chance to sign with a title contender, including the Angelinos.

When will Kyrie be a Laker, I’m tired of these rumors

The only backup plans should be Hield/Turner, or Conley/Bogdanovic.

Regardless of the outcome of the Kyrie Irving soap opera, the Lakers still have some moves planned in the market. The franchise intends to use its strengths, always with the aim of winning a new title. We are curious to see what Rob Pelinka is preparing, he who finds himself under a lot of pressure.



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