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La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, s'est retrouvé au cœur d'un processus de licenciement révoltant

“I badly trash-talked Michael Jordan 6 months ago”

Michael Jordan is maybe the most respected legend in the NBA microcosm, as he is considered the GOAT by many. But that doesn’t stop some from rubbing shoulders with him. and stand up to him on certain issues. A few months ago, he was badly trash-talked about by a major NCAA rival.

The years pass, and Michael Jordan still remains the greatest legend in NBA history. If things move behind him with Stephen Curry’s rise to prominence in the All-Time hierarchy, who would second in the GOAT ranking according to some experts, MJ remains quietly installed on his throne. The proof with his huge ovation during the last All-Star Game in Cleveland, city of LeBron James.

Michael Jordan trash-talked to by Grant Hill at All-Star Game

Moreover, this great ceremony in honor of the 75th anniversary of the league was an opportunity for the owner of the Hornets to find old friends, including Magic Johnson, to whom he sent a rather hilarious tackle at their age. On the other hand, not everyone bowed to the legendary No. 23 that day. For example, Grant Hill took malicious pleasure in the trash-talker. He explained on the Rich Einsen show:

A week before the All-Star Game, Duke destroyed North Carolina in the NCAA. So when I saw him for the league’s 75th anniversary ceremony, I was just trash-talking. I gave him everything I had and he was like, ‘It’s funny you weren’t talking when North Carolina was at the top. I told him it was because Duke was always good when the Tar Heels were. We teased each other for a few minutes in the hallways.

There is one thing that will never change in American athletes, it is the love they have for their university, and it is even more true for the older generation. Today, the best players stay only one year on the NCAA circuit, which does not favor an extreme attachment to the establishment and the jersey. At the time, even the most talented stayed for several seasons.

For example, Michael Jordan spent 3 years on the North Carolina campus and Grant Hill 4 at the great rival Duke, where he won 2 titles. They are therefore still imbued with this culture and live for this legendary rivalry of the university circuit. Years after the end of their studies, the two NCAA legends are still sending spades.

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in the history of North carolina, when Grant Hill is a huge Duke legend, the two had to talk about this rivalry during the league’s 75th anniversary. Obviously, it was the former Pistons who had the last word.



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