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Alex Caruso a rigolé suite au troll des Bulls sur les Lakers de LeBron

Alex Caruso cash on his departure from the Lakers!

Alex Caruso left the Lakers a year ago, much to the dismay of Purples and Golds fans. The Chicago player has also broached the subject recently, and he was notably asked if the decision had paid off, according to him. His answer was, to say the least, cash.

Although he only spent four years with the Lakers, Alex Caruso quickly made a strong impression. Hardworking, tough and ready to do the dirty work, especially in defence, the back was quickly adopted by the very demanding public of the City of Angels, who made him their favorite. Champion in 2019-20 with LeBron James & co., his skills made him a fundamental member of the squad, coming off the bench.

Still, that didn’t stop him from leaving the Californians last summer, signing for $37 million over four years with the Bulls. Again very valuable as a sixth man, he was however only able to play half of the season, finding himself frequently hampered by injuries. However, as he stated in an interview with, he has no regrets about his decision to leave Los Angeles. According to him, he is in the best possible situation:

Alex Caruso has no regrets about leaving the Lakers

I think it worked well for me. I think I had the most money I could have. I had the best opportunity I could have. I joined the best team and the best organization that I think really supports me, believes in me and gives me the opportunity to play basketball the way I do best. I don’t think I would change that for anything.

Financially, it is true that the amount offered by Windy City was a golden opportunity for the Bald Mamba. Remember that the latter is a non-drafted, and therefore had to survive in rather precarious conditions following his debut in the big league. That a franchise, moreover a big market like Chicago, offered him such a sum was therefore impossible to pass up. Beyond that, however, the project and the atmosphere on site have obviously also convinced the interested party.

Incidentally, it’s hard not to interpret his remarks as a slight spade against his former team, who obviously did not believe in him as much as the Bulls. A big mistake, because apart from Austin Reaves and Malik Monk, the Crimson and Gold bench last year was simply abysmal. On the fan side, we therefore bitterly regret this departure from a year ago, convinced that the player could have helped LA to be better in 2021-22.

The Lakers should never have let Alex Caruso slip away

If he has been disturbed by injuries this season, Alex Caruso has no regrets about having left the Lakers for the Bulls in the summer of 2021. Now better paid and a member of the hard core of Chi-Town, the guy is evolving from more in a team with much better results than the Angelinos…



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