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Alex Caruso lâche une dinguerie en playoffs, les Lakers salement moqués !

After Rudy Gobert, Alex Caruso addresses the LeBron James case in cash!

Decidedly, Alex Caruso is quite talkative at the moment, attacking without restraint the various superstars of the league. After speaking about Rudy Gobert, it was LeBron James’s turn to be mentioned by the Bald Mamba. The opportunity to release a strong statement.

When they’re not busy training, NBA players are often asked by the media during the offseason to give their thoughts on competing players or franchises. This year, it is Alex Caruso who seems to be the privileged target of journalists. The Bulls player notably dropped an unfiltered outing on Rudy Gobert recently, following the transfer made by Minnesota. Clearly, he will follow this new association with Karl-Anthony Towns closely.

However, the new Timberwolves star is not the only big name to have had the right to an intervention from the Bald Mamba, who hopes to be able to play more in 2022-23 than in recent months (41 games last season). Interviewed by, he has indeed attacked an even bigger target: the Lakers, for whom he played for four years. He notably gave his honest opinion on the failure of the Californians, who missed the playoffs:

They had a lot of moves, as is always the case in professional sport, you have to rebuild an alchemy, a continuity. These are things that can’t really be overlooked sometimes. I think with professional sports, you think you just have to put a group of very good players on the field and it will happen on its own. Sometimes it takes a little glue, a little time to figure out how it’s going to work. So I think that’s probably what they went through last year.

It is true that the workforce of the Pourpres et Ors changed a lot during the summer of 2021, in particular following the trade for Russell Westbrook. Three players thus went the opposite way towards Washington (Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Montrezl Harrell), seriously changing the structure of the roster. Add to that the failed integration of Brodie and the injuries of the various stars, and you get an absolutely filthy cocktail.

Alex Caruso raves about LeBron James

Nevertheless, AC continues to believe that his former team will be able to bounce back, starting in the fall. The reason for this is simple: with LeBron James, LA has a franchise player who knows how to galvanize his troops. The Bull has also been full of praise for him:

Every time you have the best player in the world who gives you confidence, who supports you, it helps the game a little bit, it gives you a little more confidence for the future.

Champions together in the Orlando bubble, the two men maintained a very close relationship, even after Caruso left for Illinois. LBJ had also posted a shocking message against him, during the season. No wonder he’s so rave about his former squad leader! We therefore also imagine that he was able to appreciate the fanfare return of the latter to the Drew League, with 42 points in his first game.

Alex Caruso has nothing but good things to say about LeBron James, with whom he went all the way two years ago. If he is no longer a member of the Lakers, the guard continues to cross his fingers that his ex-team manages to get back in the saddle.



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