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La conférence de presse surréaliste de Russell Westbrook après le match des Lakers !

A player freaks out and humiliates Russell Westbrook!

Strongly criticized by fans for a few seasons, especially after his last campaign with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook must also manage tackles from other players. A young rookie player attacked the former Thunder, and as much to say that it goes very badly for some people.

It’s been a while since Russell Westbrook is struggling with the Lakers, despite a more successful end to the season. Fans are already calling for his departure, while the front office is talking with the Nets about a possible trade. The leader is used to criticism, and count on him to try to answer on the floors in a few months, especially against the Spurs. Indeed, the last tackle does not come from a supporter, but from a player.

Russell Westbrook tackled by a counterpart!

During a mini-game with Bleacher Report, Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan had to answer questions in a quick manner. So when asked what Westbrook gets very often, the answer is obviously linked to the triple-doubles, which he was able to chain for many years at the Thunder in particular. Except that Sochan is seriously mistaken, and his answer goes badly.

hint: “Russell Westbrook often gets it”

Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan: “Bricks” 😬

A reference to Westbrook’s bad shot, often dubbed “Westbrick” by some people who wish to criticize the player. A nickname that has remained over time, but which does not please the person concerned at all. We therefore imagine that he will not appreciate the sequence, even if Sochan wanted to defend himself:

I didn’t mean to be disrespectful 😂 It was in the heat of the moment, I was playing a game.

The case is still growing, since a Bobby Portis, supported by Larry Nance Jr, reacted in stride, to defend Russ:

This disrespect is out of control

Too much. He’s a Hall of Famer

Russell Westbrook can count on support in the league after this new attack, even if Jeremy Sochan affirms it: he is a big fan of the Laker. We imagine that the latter will not appreciate the answer, especially since he hates this nickname. We will have to watch this duel next year.



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