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NBA KD encense le record de Curry

“A lot of stars called Kevin Durant, and this is what he did”

It’s been a week since Kevin Durant asked to leave the Nets to join a new destination. Since ? Negotiations, but no major progress in this file, which has many uncertainties. What is certain, however, is that KD remains in his corner, even if it means worrying a few people. Explanations.

Where will play Kevin Durant next season? If the player’s wish is to rally the Heat or the Suns in priority, the Nets do not need to listen to him. The franchise can listen to the entire league, and send the star to the Magic or elsewhere if the leaders feel like it. With 4 years of contract, KD does not really have his destiny in hand, he who simply has to wait for the outcome of the negotiations. Problem ? We are very far from it.

With the trade of Rudy Gobert, or that of Dejounte Murray, the Nets are confirmed in their opinion: it will take significant compensation to sell the star, undoubtedly the biggest trade in the history of the league. After all, it’s not every day that one of the best players in the league asks to leave. Brooklyn therefore wants to secure its future with this exchange, but comes up against the reality of the market.

Concern about Kevin Durant!

Because if a KD remains a better player for example than Devin Booker, that does not mean that the Suns want to give it up to recruit the superstar. The thing is, the Nets may have to make some concessions, which is very far from guaranteed right now. But what worries even more is the behavior of Durant, who seems to have ceased all communication.

“Many stars” in the league tried to reach KD but he cut off his communications. He does not answer calls or texts. The only time we see him in the light of day is when he replies on his twitter account. He does not speak to anyone except his relatives. »

Obviously, KD doesn’t really want to talk to his counterparts right now. However, he does not hesitate to drop a few tweets on his twitter account, but there is no question for him of discussing his desires to leave with the other players. A rather strange behavior, which says a lot about Durant currently. Is he annoyed by the negotiations? Everything is possible, hoping to have answers soon.

Kevin Durant is not really talkative. The star has ceased communication with other players, which raises some questions. We imagine that like many, he is eager to be traded and discover his new franchise. Unfortunately for him, it could take a long time.



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