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Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Kevin Durant ont fait l'objet d'un terrible constat de la part d'une légende de la ligue

“This team is the biggest fail of all time”

The Lakers and Nets superteams have been the laughingstock of the league this year, between heartbreaking results and a permanent internal mess. According to a former player, one of these XXL squads simply represents the biggest failure in history. This is what hurts…

When James Harden joined the Nets in January 2021, completing the Big Three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, this superteam was expected to dominate the league for several seasons. A year and a half later, the results are quite different. The Beard was transferred to the Sixers in February, while the other two men are expected to leave the Blacks and Whites shortly, the winger having notably requested his transfer.

Unsurprisingly, we can clearly speak of a huge mess, since the three superstars will only have won a series of playoffs together. What seriously annoy many former players, like Tim Legler who regularly intervenes at ESPN. The former Golden State member has been tough on it recently, commenting on the Slim Reaper and Uncle Drew exit rumors. For him, it’s simply unheard of all-time.

KD’s Nets ransacked by observers

This team must be considered one of the most epic fails in the history of this league, see the most epic is not it? It was a sure title on paper when these three guys got together. They were the most unstoppable offensive line in league history, way above any other roster. And look what they have to show now that they’re going their separate ways.

Difficult to counter this argument, especially since we have rarely seen the three accomplices at the same time on the floors. In total, they only played 16 games together due to injuries and their line exploded due to disputes between them. At the same time, the Warriors have become champions again thanks to their same core for 10 years, made up of athletes drafted by them. Internet users therefore came to a startling conclusion:

We discovered that superteams don’t automatically win. It’s not just about big names and lots of talent.

Tim Legler didn’t go all out with the Nets, but how can you blame him? Kevin Durant & co. disappointed all along the line, when almost everyone was waiting for them on the roof of the NBA. Instead, it was utter disillusionment.



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