Theo Pinson is a legend, the back now has his "Pinson Rule"

Theo Pinson is a legend, the back now has his “Pinson Rule”

Theo Pinson is a legend. Much loved by fans since his debut in North Carolina, the back performs today at the top level, under the label of the Mavericks. By ” perform “we hear “makes such a mess on the bench that he makes himself more useful than some guys on the floor”. And guess what? As a result, the NBA decided to retaliate with the “Finch Rule”. We will explain everything to you.

Theo Pinson didn’t play a single minute in the 2022 Playoffs, yet he lost Stephen Curry a ball. A white t-shirt – the same color as the Warriors jersey – and a hand in the air as if asking for the ball, in a high-paced game, the misunderstanding quickly happened. Us, it made us laugh a lot. We are a bit on the FC Unemployment of the NBA, with bottom drawer players who try by all means to interfere in the game. But in the high authorities, not far from the office of Adam Silver, we believed understand that it was not bogus. In response to this troublemaker behavior – and according to information from Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports – the NBA has decided that starting next season, Penalties will be more severe for teams that fail to “control their benches”. Small clarification, the League will focus in particular on players who “block the view” supporters seated behind the bench. For once, it’s true that it must be a bit tricky to pay 4000 dollars for your place to watch a back. In itself, this is not a new rule, but rather a good tightening of the screws signed Adam Silver. On the other hand, that this happens only four days after Theo Pinson’s extension in Dallas is that we owe him in large part this toughening of the regulations, this “Finch Rule”. Legend.

Did we feel it coming? With the accumulation of fines imposed on the Mavericks on these 2022 Playoffs, very clearly. It will now be impossible for Pinson to raise his hand to ask for a ball that is not his. Strangely, on the occasion of a Dallas – Golden State, we will now see him wearing new t-shirts. Then came the question that many are asking: now that the NBA has banged its fist on the table, what good is Theo Pinson for the Mavericks? Don’t worry, he didn’t extend just to suck Chupa Chups and dance the macarena at the edge of the field. The player has a special aura and is very popular in the Texas locker room. He is also not incapable of putting a foot on the floor, he who has played 19 games this season with Dallas, for averages of 2.5 points at 36% shooting, 1.1 rebound and 0.9 assist. At the bottom of the bench, to motivate friends, bring energy and make the gallery laugh, Pinson is one of the very best. It is up to him to continue to give satisfaction.

What is the difference between a chaffinch, a chaffinch and a Chaffinch? One is a mark that appears on a skin that has been pinched, the second a bird of the Fringillidae family, and the last a basketball player who now has his own ruler. We didn’t really have a joke, so we’re sticking to the factual.



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