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NBA Anthony Edwards en mode record

The insane package demanded by the Nets at Wolves for Kevin Durant!

As the saying goes, “one is never better served than by oneself”… So in the Kevin Durant file, the GM of the Nets Sean Marks is not only waiting for offers, he is also approaching certain franchises with monstrous demands. He wanted to carve up the Timberwolves to give up his No. 7.

Kevin Durant no longer wants to wear the Nets jersey after the humiliation against the Celtics in the playoffs and after the catastrophic management of the file Kyrie Irving, and he’s made that pretty clear to his executives and the two franchises he wants to join, namely the Suns and the Heat. For several days, the entire market has been on hold awaiting an outcome.

The message came through pretty clearly in the desert, where GM James Jones has already considered several packages to offer his Brooklyn counterpart, but for now, even the most sensational offers were not accepted. It must be said that the captain of the last All-Star Game still has 4 years of contract, the Nets are therefore in a strong position in the file.

Nets offer to Wolves for Kevin Durant

But because you are never better served than by yourself, Sean Marks is not just waiting for proposals, he is also going to claim players from franchises who have a hope of recovering KD. For example, according to the latest information revealed by Vincent Goodwill in the Chris Haynes podcast, the Nets would have approached the Timberwolves with a totally crazy request.

I heard, and I don’t know if it’s already circulating in the media, but I heard that Minnesota hadn’t made an official offer to the Nets, but that Brooklyn had arrived in the negotiations asking for Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, and four first-round picks in the upcoming Drafts. My God…

Everyone knows it in the NBA microcosm, if Kevin Durant is traded this summer, when he still has 4 years left on his contract with the Nets, it will be against the craziest counterpart of all time. GM Sean Marks stops at nothing and leads negotiations with other franchises from a dominant position. He claims for the moment the moon, the proof with the insane request made to the Timberwolves.

It remains to be seen whether one or more teams will succeed in mounting an exchange deemed satisfactory by the Nets, who refuse to see the No. 7 leave for a pittance. If the price does not drop, it is in any case not impossible to see Kevin Durant stay one more season in Brooklyn, against his will, with all the same the possibility of playing the title.

Even without Kevin Durant, the Timberwolves will have a team competitive next season with Rudy Gobert in the racket. The executives’ refusal to part ways with Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards is anything but surprising.



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