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NBA Steve Kerr dans la NBA actuelle ?

“Play in today’s league? I would have been derailed”

It is not uncommon to hear a former athlete claim that he would have shone in the current NBA, but the reverse is much rarer. However, this is the admission made by a great figure in the league recently, and it must be said that the arguments used are more than justified.

The least we can say is that Steve Kerr has nothing to envy anyone in terms of NBA experience. Since he has coached the Warriors, the former player has almost always been successful, playing five Finals in a row upon his arrival in the Bay. Incidentally, he developed an absolutely fabulous offensive game around Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, revolutionizing the league with three-point shots in every direction.

An evolution that must have delighted him, given his profile when he raged on the floors. After all, Kerr was one of the most feared snipers on the circuit during the 90s. A five-time champion, including four times with Michael Jordan’s Bulls, he still holds the all-time record in terms of skill. behind the arc in career with 45.4% success rate. Even Curry hasn’t done as well so far, despite the latter taking a much higher volume of shots than him.

Steve Kerr Realistic About His Chances in Today’s NBA

Inevitably, given his reputation as a long-distance trigger, some have wondered if he could have had the same success in the current context. The question was also asked to the person concerned, but it showered the hopes of everyone. According to him, he wouldn’t have lasted long, especially because today’s defenses are much better suited to shooters than they were a quarter of a century ago:

Switching in defense, I don’t think it was that popular when I started as a coach. I think over the last five or six years it’s become more and more popular, as there are more three-point shots and small-balls with five players clearing the field. And with all these switches in defense, it is difficult to attack them. I’m glad they didn’t do it like 25 years ago. It would not have gone well for me, I would have been rusted.

Ironically, it is precisely the game played by Golden State for nearly ten years that has prompted coaches and defensive coordinators to rethink their strategies. While the three-point shooter was not so popular in the past, it now occupies a prominent place in the NBA and it is therefore logically necessary to be able to find a parade there. A fairly one-dimensional player although very talented in his field, Kerr would have had a hard time finding a place in a current roster.

Steve Kerr is convinced, he would never have been able to survive in the current league. Defenses are well suited to shooters only during his career, so he wouldn’t have been as effective as in the 90s, when he often found himself alone behind the arc.



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