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La star NBA française du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, a récemment vu une nouvelle franchise se positionner sur son dossier

“People don’t understand that about Rudy Gobert”

Rudy Gobert is an orange ball star, but he doesn’t necessarily get the same appreciation as his peers. According to a former player, it is linked to a fundamental characteristic of his game… However, he insists on the fact that it should in no way be blamed on him.

Factually, Rudy Gobert is one of the very best pivots in the league, and has been for a while. The Frenchman is able to average 15 points, 15 rebounds and 2 blocks every night, and displays an absolutely monumental presence in his racket. And yet, every time you have to think about who to send to the All-Star Game, for example, the name of the new Timberwolves player only appears at the very end of the discussion, if at all.

A rather confusing observation, which shows how much the n°27 is still quite misunderstood, after nine years in the NBA. According to JJ Redick, a former player now retired, it all has to do with one and only one reason: his style of play. It’s a fact, The Stifle Tower is not exactly an athlete that you can call it flashy, unlike other basketball players. On the other hand, this does not call into question his qualities according to him:

JJ Redick’s big tribute to Rudy Gobert

I just want to note the value of Rudy Gobert. Casual basketball fans don’t understand how valuable he is. We talked about guys like Paul George, Anthony Davis or Hall of Fame players like Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen. Casual basketball fans don’t realize how good Gobert is, how valuable he is. I think that in this team, with this squad, he will be even better.

Some players are extremely decisive without generating highlights at all costs, and the three-time Defender of the Year is a perfect example. Apart from his counters, nothing he does on the court is particularly spectacular, especially in his own half. Impeding or deflecting shots, forcing opposing attackers to change strategy: so many incredibly important things, but which do not appear on the statistical sheets and which are not the most obvious to observe with the naked eye.

That’s why this tribute from the former Clippers shooter is so much fun, because it’s proof that some people still recognize Gobzilla’s invaluable contribution on the court. Hopefully, his role at the T-Wolves may put him on the map a bit more. Rarely used in attack in Salt Lake City, it will probably be more the case in the group of Chris Finch. Able to drop big dunks, he could therefore squat the Top 10 a little more than usual while expanding his offensive palette.

JJ Redick wanted to remind everyone that what Rudy Gobert does is not within the reach of the first comer and it is a question of never forgetting it, or taking it for granted. The Frenchman will necessarily appreciate the compliment, and no doubt he will want to honor it in 2022-23.



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