NFL: Justin Jefferson is confident at the dawn of his 3rd season in the NFL

NFL: Justin Jefferson is confident at the dawn of his 3rd season in the NFL

Justin Jefferson is already part of the elite of the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings receiver, however, believes he will be considered the best at his position at the end of the next season.

In an interview with the American magazine Complex, Jefferson said new Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Devante Adams is currently the best in the NFL. He added that after this season, “it will definitely be me”.

“I would tell you after the next year, I’m going to be the best receiver in the NFL,” he told Complex. “At the moment I have to give it to Davante Adams, he is incredible and so dynamic on the pitch. He moves well and his lines are always perfect. He is really the best, but I am convinced that after this season it will be me. »

The 23-year-old Jefferson had a historic start to his NFL career. He finished his rookie year with a record 1,400 receiving yards, a record that was broken last year by his former teammate with LSU Ja’Marr Chase (1,455). His 3,016 career yards are an all-time high in NFL history for a receiver in his first two seasons.

Despite the accolades, Jefferson told Complex that he’s “still working on my game” and that he’s looking forward to playing under his new head coach Kevin O’Connell’s system of play.

“It’s not normal to gain so many yards constantly like that. I always work to improve my weaknesses that I have during the season and I always want to improve my overall game. »

“With Kevin O’Connell’s new offense and new system, we are all excited to start the season and hope to have more success than last year. »

Jefferson caught 108 for 1,616 yards last season, second most in the NFL behind Cooper Kupp (1,947) and just ahead of Adams (1,533), who was traded from the Green Bay Packers to the Raiders in the offseason. Despite Jefferson’s performance, the Vikings finished the season with an 8-9 record and head coach Mike Zimmer was let go after eight years at the helm of the team.

The Vikings wide receiver believes another season with similar production will make him the best in the NFL at his position.

“I think I have to have this production three years in a row for people to really believe it. Some people think you don’t deserve to be considered the best after two seasons in the NFL. I firmly believe that I will gain more than 1,600 yards this season, so I believe that I will become the best after this season,” concluded the former LSU Tigers.



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