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NBA Luka Doncic en playoffs

Luka Doncic’s behavior pointed out during this offseason!

While the Mavericks have been hitting the market hard, Luka Doncic is not said to be much involved with his team’s moves. If the Slovenian intends to give everything on the floor next year, do not count on him to turn into a recruiter during the summer. Some appreciate, others will find things to complain about.

Luka Doncic has been the delight of the Mavericks for a few years now, he who was able to taste victory in the playoffs last year, twice. A first for the Slovenian, who unfortunately was not enough against the Warriors, simply too strong. But there is hope in Texas, with a franchise that dreams of revenge next year, and a front office that wants to give itself the means.

The Texas team was one of the first to hit the market with the recruitment of Christian Wood. A pivot with 18 points and 10 rebounds on average, which should make a huge difference in the racket of Dallas. We can hope and bet on a great complicity with Doncic on pick-and-roll, even if some observers still have some doubts about this team.

Luka Doncic little involved with the Mavs?

After all, the Mavericks also lost Jalen Brunson, so important to the start of the postseason, who stood out without Doncic. The roster remains a bit tight in Dallas, with a Doncic who clearly refuses to recruit other players, like Goran Dragic perhaps, who will play for the Bulls. Indeed, do not count on the Slovenian to harass his counterparts, it is not the kind of house.

This is ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, who confirms this attitude for Doncic, who does not want to turn into a recruiter:

The Mavericks often seek his approval before signing players, but Luka is not one to get involved in his team’s personal decisions. He never showed any interest in that either. He spends the vast majority of his time in Europe during the offseason. He’s not the kind of guy who wants to be a recruiter.

Does it make a difference? Definitely yes. Could Doncic have tried to retain Brunson? Yes, even if the point guard absolutely wanted to play for the Knicks. It will sometimes be necessary for Luka to give importance to this part, especially as a star of the team. He could be decisive in order to recruit players, including veterans, and sometimes to retain some of them.

Whatever happens, Luka will give the maximum next year with his team, always with the aim of tasting the ring. It’s possible, especially since the major 5 looks interesting, but with a big surprise in store. It will certainly be necessary to be wary of this franchise, which could also still recruit in the months to come in order to give itself the best chance of dreaming.

Luka Doncic recruiter? It is obviously not for tomorrow. The Slovenian prefers to have a good time in Europe before returning to Texas in September for training camp. Whoever is there, Halleluka will give it their all. We can’t wait to find him on the floor.



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