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Jason Terry 17 juillet 2022

Jason Terry becomes Will Hardy’s assistant at Jazz

Recently appointed Jazz coach, Will Hardy is now shaping his staff for next season. According to information from The AthleticJason Terry is expected to join Utah as an assistant.

Jason Terry is back in the NBA! Three years after his last season on the side of Milwaukee, the “Jet” will find the floors of the Great League. No shorts or sneakers for the former Mavs fullback but the suit, the plate and the Velleda felt hat since the latter returns as an assistant coach and he will come to help Will Hardy, newly appointed to Utah, in the reconstruction to come from Jazz. This is Shams Charania from The Athletic who released the info first on the blue bird.

This is a new step in the beautiful conversion of Jason Terry. After a stint in Arizona, his former university, in 2020 as an assistant and a year in the G League on the Grand Rapids Gold side with the head coach cap, the Jet therefore goes up another floor to return to a League. that he knows inside out. 19 seasons, 1410 games played, a title of sixth man of the year but above all a champion’s ring, this is the man’s record and this experience should prove to be very precious for a team which should slowly but surely turn to players young people for its reconstruction. Jazz shooters will also enjoy their lives since we are still talking about the seventh most prolific sniper in history (2282 career shots). Not disgusting as a teacher. Jason Terry had already been talked about this season when many former NBA players in search of a rebound signed at Gold to catch the eye of NBA GMs. Isaiah Thomas, Nik Stauskas, Lance Stephenson, all went under the orders of the 2011 champion before signing contracts to return to the League. It is now Terry’s turn to return to the NBA and the destination is not necessarily trivial because Shams Charania indicated a month ago that the Jet had been auditioned by the Jazz management for the position of head coach. It is therefore under the orders of one of his competitors that Terry will take his first steps on an NBA bench. It’s up to him to do the job to hope to recover a number one costume in the coming years.

Jason Terry joins the Jazz and will be Will Hardy’s assistant this season in Salt Lake City. After the NCAA and the G League, the Jet continues its apprenticeship in coaching at the highest level. Welcome back to the NBA!

Text source: Shams Charania / The Athletic



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