iciHaïti - Foot amputé : Nos Grenadiers écrasent les USA [6-0] en match amical

iciHaiti – Foot amputee : Our Grenadiers crush the USA [6-0] in a friendly game

iciHaiti – Foot amputee : Our Grenadiers crush the USA [6-0] in a friendly game
07/17/2022 09:40:47

iciHaiti - Foot amputee : Our Grenadiers crush the USA [6-0] in a friendly game

Qualified brilliantly for the 16th edition of the Turkey 2022 World Cup https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-36227-haiti-flash-our-grenadiers-qualified-for-the-world-cup-of- foot-ampute-turquie-2022-video.html our Grenadiers amputees in full preparation faced the past weekend in a friendly match with their American counterparts on the lawn of Emmanuel Sanon Park in Little Haiti (Miami).

An opportunity for our Grenadiers to take revenge for the 2-1 defeat against the Americans during the Turkey 2022 knockout phase on March 19 https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-36224-icihaiti-foot-amputees-elim -world-cup-turkey-2022-haiti-loses-against-the-usa-[2-1].html

Our Grenadiers took a nice revenge against their American counterparts by winning a landslide victory [6-0] with a quadruple from Saviola Charles 8′, 20′, 36′ 53′ and the other two goals scored by Redondo Richard at 28′ and Spinoza at 32′.

Under the leadership of coach Rochenel Pierre. Our amputated Grenadiers continue to strengthen, enough to approach the world championship in Turkey which will take place next October with confidence and determination.

Learn more about amputee football:
Football for amputees follows specific rules, like any discipline adapted to a disability. The game takes place on a field of 60 meters by 40 (maximum 70 m X 60) or a classic football half-field. It has two goal cages with a maximum height of 2.2m, a width of 5m x 1m (depth) and a FIFA standard ball

The match is played in 2 periods of 25 minutes with a half-time of about ten minutes. A timeout of two minutes is authorized per team and per match. The team is made up of 7 players (6 outfield players, a goalkeeper) and substitutes.

Outfield players (excluding goalkeepers) must have a lower limb amputated. The goalkeeper must have an upper limb amputated, so a hand.

Players cannot use their crutches and stump to handle the ball. If this happens, it’s considered a “hand” unless it’s unintentional.
In addition, the use of the crutch against a player results in exclusion and a penalty.
Finally, offside does not exist in disabled football.

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