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Health insurance in the USA: Should you choose local or international insurance?

Moving to the United States brings joys, but also surprises. Sometimes expensive. Among these, the discovery of a complex health system and very different from the solidarity system that exists in France. Not to mention the insurance system, very complicated to understand, but above all, not always effective in the event of a problem.

To fully understand the American health care system and obtain the best insurance, according to their needs and status, our health insurance partner, EuropUSA — specialist in health insurance in the United States and repatriation insurance in the USA — responds to all throughout the year to various issues encountered by French expatriates residing in the United States.

This month, we address another question that French expats in the United States ask themselves: Should you choose local or international health insurance?

USA health insurance

Which health insurance to choose in the USA?

The question is crucial in a country where health costs are among the most expensive in the world: which health insurance to choose? The American health care system arouses incomprehension and virulent criticism in France, where the health coverage organized by the State is considered as progress and a social achievement. But this system has no equivalent in the United States, where health is decentralized and does not cover the entire population. In 2020, about 9% of Americans were still without health insurance, or about 28 million people.

Before you receive any medical treatment in the United States, you will be asked to prove that you are “creditworthy”. That is, show insurance coverage, your credit card etc. If you need to be hospitalized, it could be very expensive. If in addition, you do not have insurance, you may be indebted sometimes all your life… So choose an insurance for the United States which undertakes to provide you with coverage as soon as possible. With relays in the United States or a contact platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week explains the health insurance specialist EuropUSA.

It can never be said enough, but it is essential to take out suitable medical insurance in the United States. The local insurance system is, for expatriates, very often complex to understand and unpleasant surprises often occur in the event of a problem – and especially if the last small paragraph of the contract has not been scrupulously read, and incidentally included. EuropUSA offers a wide range of expatriate insurance in the United States that is perfectly suited to every type of need and family situation. The United States is a country with extremely expensive medical costs. A simple treatment in the emergency department of an American hospital can cost more than €50,000.

Health insurance adapted to the needs of each expatriate

EuropUSA has been supporting thousands of people in their expatriation to the United States for 20 years. Thanks to quality assurances, solid guarantees and important partners. And above all, coverage from the first dollar. This is not the case with local insurance.

Thus, EuropUSA “ recommends choosing GoldExpat international health insurance, which offers exceptional guarantees for a very competitive price. With a very high reimbursement ceiling and 100% coverage of hospitalization costs “. The expert in international health insurance provides the best support for its clients and offers insurance options according to each person’s needs and budget. Student in the United States for a year of study, young expatriate couple planning to start a family, family with children, retired couple… Depending on each person’s situation, EuropUSA offers specific health insurance. With EuropUSA, the insured can also modify his insurance contract according to changes in life. ” Concretely, we give you the opportunity to add people, add options, or even change the formula, underlines the health insurance expert.

Another major advantage of choosing international health insurance is that it offers broader coverage by avoiding warranty holes frequently encountered on American contracts. The insured can thus be treated in the partner medical network but also with practitioners outside the network, which is impossible with local American insurance.

Finally, American law does not require that optical and dental expenses be included in the minimum guarantees, except for certain benefits for children. These two guarantees are therefore optional. And keep in mind that the prices for dental and optical care are exorbitant in the United States. With EuropUSA and thanks to the chosen Gold Expat plan, the insured will be covered from 80% to 90% for dental and optical care.

So to the question ” Should you choose expatriate insurance for the USA rather than local American insurance? The EuropUSA specialist’s answer is clear, clear and precise: it’s a big yes. ” If you opt for local insurance, you must be vigilant about the notions of co-payment, co-insurance, out-of-pocket, deductible… The advantage of international insurance is that it offers you a better guaranteed ratio. -price by reducing your “out-of-pocket” and expanding your access to medical care in the United States. You will be free to choose your insurance contract according to your needs and your budget. As well as choosing the general practitioner, specialists and your medical practitioners in your coverage area concludes EuropUSA.

Last significant point, thanks to international insurance, a French expatriate living in the United States is also covered when traveling to other countries.

Article by Rachel Brunet, director of Le Petit Journal New York and Miami

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