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La promesse de LeBron James après l'énième débâcle des Lakers !

“He is a mini-version of LeBron James”

There are quite a few mad athletes in the NBA, but no one comes close to LeBron James. Almost nobody, according to a legend of the game who looked into the question, there is little. One man in particular would pull it off, and that’s a bit of a surprise.

With her mammoth body, LeBron James is truly a unique case within the league. No one can quite compare to him when it comes to athleticism, especially when you see how physically dominant he still is at 37 years old. Eric Bledsoe was dubbed “Mini-LeBron” shortly after his league debut, but the former Clippers point guard is clearly not the successor to the Chosen One.

However, according to Scottie Pippen, this does not mean that the latter does not already exist in the NBA. Recently on SiriusXM radio, the former Bulls legend explained that a star could quite claim the nickname mentioned above. To everyone’s surprise, the ex-winger then pointed the finger at Stephen Curry, yet not at all known to be an über-athlete. But number 33 had arguments to make:

Stephen Curry, a mini-LeBron after Scottie Pippen

I think Steph has put himself in a position, obviously, where he’s considered the greatest shooter we’ve ever seen. But when you take a guy like Steph, you know, he’s like a mini-LeBron to some degree. From a physical point of view, he is really very strong for his size. He could probably play basketball even after he was over 50 if he wanted to.

It is true that theoretically, the Chef could well play longer than other superstars, if he certainly experienced a lot of ankle problems at the start of his career, then on the wrist two years ago, the quadruple champion is more a marathon runner than someone who plays on power. His style of play, associated with his technical palette, could therefore work in his favour, especially sincehe seems physically transformed. On the side of the fans, we validate in any case the words of Pip ‘:

Words of wisdom!!

According to Scottie Pippen, Stephen Curry could play well for another couple of years. Could he play until he is 40, already? If so, then we wish good luck to the defenses that will have to sweat against Baby Face.



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