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La promesse de LeBron James après l'énième débâcle des Lakers !

After four years, the Lakers finally got rid of a player!

The Lakers’ finances are anything but ideal right now, but they’re getting a breath of fresh air this summer. The franchise no longer owes any money to a former member of the house, whose management of the contract had been absolutely abysmal.

The free agent market is officially open, an opportunity for the Lakers to repopulate their workforce after a calamitous season. The objective is simple, to rebuild a competitive team in view of the 2022-23 campaign, in order to fight for the title again. The leaders wasted no time in recruiting with all their might, notably signing two players in as many minutes. They have since also added Juan Toscano-Andreson from the Warriors.

At the same time, the Purples and Golds also saw several names leave the roster, starting with Malik Monk who left for Sacramento. A blow, just the opposite of the recent announcement in the City of Angels. Luol Deng has finally received the rest of his salary owed by the franchise! Retired since 2019, the English international and double All-Star still received his salary from the Californians, he who played for them between 2016 and 2018:

Luol Deng is no longer paid by the Lakers

Luol Deng has officially left the Lakers salary list.

Thus turns a particularly embarrassing page in the history of the Lakers, who had made a very bad choice during the 2016 free agency. Barely the kick-off given, they had thus offered a golden bridge to the Sudanese by birth , based on 72 million over four years. Except that the former Bull was then already far from his best years and that he only played 57 games in two years for them, before being cut via the stretch provision.

Since then, his salary has consistently occupied a place in Angelinos finances, with leaders owing him the remainder of his tenure summer after summer. Now, this is fortunately no longer the case and we can rejoice on the side of the Arena. Indeed, it will take funds to put the squad of new coach Darvin Ham back on its feet… As far as the fans are concerned, they in any case reacted euphorically to this announcement:


Four years after leaving the Lakers and three years after his retirement, Luol Deng received the last dollars owed to him by the franchise. This will therefore finally be able to close this very humiliating chapter of its history, which has plagued it several seasons in a row during the offseason.



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