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Ja Morant menace les Warriors et lâche une folle promesse !

A nugget ignites and provokes Draymond Green and Ja Morant!

Some young players don’t hesitate to announce the color even before the start of the season, and a member of the Top 3 of the last draft decided to make it big on this subject. It has an effect launched a challenge to Draymond Green and Ja Morant! Clearly, he does not lack ambition.

After having already obtained two big nuggets last year, in the person of Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun, the Rockets have got their hands on another very promising youngster in the person of Jabari Smith. Long announced as the first pick, the interior finally saw Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren pass him in the draft, being selected in 3rd position by the Texans. A godsend for them, because the guy has enough to carry the franchise on his shoulders for a while.

Indeed, if he was considered the potential best player of his vintage, it is also and above all because the player is steeped in talent, both athletically and technically. He is perfectly aware of this and therefore has no doubts about his abilities, as he revealed in an interview with Bleacher Report. In passing, he explained that he was also a strong supporter of trash-talking, to the point that he had resorted to it himself in the past:

I like trash talker. I’m not the type to start hostilities, but if you come to provoke me, I’ll be on your back the whole game.

Clearly, the former Auburn product isn’t planning on being walked on in his NBA debut, at least not verbally. As he has also explained, Smith would have nothing against the idea of ​​rubbing shoulders with a few hotheads from the orange ball. There are two in particular in mind:

Jabari Smith wants trash-talker against Dray and Morant

There are a lot of trash-talkers in this league, but I really want to trash-talk with Draymond Green and Ja Morant.

It’s a fact, the two stars mentioned like to chamber their opponents, having unlimited confidence in their abilities. By managing to stand up to them while dropping dirt on the ground, the big man could in any case quickly earn their respect.

On the other hand, if he therefore has the players of Golden State and Memphis in his sights, the nugget has also identified certain stars not to be provoked. At the top of the list, he notably mentioned a certain Brooklyn superstar who is currently fueling trade rumors:

people say that Kevin Durant is a big trash-talker, but he’s like me, he won’t talk if you don’t talk to him first. I’ll probably not piss him off and leave him alone.

Jabari Smith wants to make noise next year, as much by his performances as by his well-hung tongue. It is better for him, however, that he shines as soon as possible on the floors, in order to be able to be credible in terms of provocations against Draymond Green and Ja Morant, for example.



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