La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, n'a pas apprécié le gros manqué coupable de Russell Westbrook en prolongation face aux Houston Rockets

Unhappy, LeBron swings a guided missile for Westbrook!

Passing through his show The Shop, LeBron James spoke about the expectations to come from the side of the Lakers next season. The King wants to take it all, but wants his teammates to have the same mentality. Angry, he did not hesitate to take out the sulfateuse, and there is no doubt that Russell Westbrook is targeted by his remarks.

After a huge disappointment for the Lakers, the franchise will return next season, still with the goal of winning a title. It is the wish of LeBron James, who doesn’t have much time left to grab another ring. No question of playing with unmotivated people at the Angelinos: everyone must be ready to do what is necessary on the floor. This is where his recent stint in The Shop becomes very interesting.

LeBron James takes out the sulfateuse and puts the pressure on

During the last show of the program, where LeBron appears each time as a producer, the native of Akron did not hesitate to put the pressure. It’s a year where the Pourpre et Or absolutely have to win everything, which means the players have to be ready. That’s when he started pulling out the sulphate, with a Russell Westbrook probably targeted by his remarks. He does not quote him directly, but that is easily understood.

Oh yes, I’m obsessed with it, with this pressure to win it all or lose it all. What makes me lose sleep is when not everyone thinks the same way in your locker room. Sometimes I would love to be a tennis player, or a golfer. Because it’s only you in the mirror, it’s you against yourself. But there are these people who arrive and who don’t know that, because they come from a culture where losing is normal.

LeBron obviously does not quote anyone, because that will not help anything at all, but we imagine that Westbrook is targeted by his remarks. In the comments, the choice is made:

Let’s be honest, we all know it’s about the ninja turtle worker

It doesn’t matter if it’s Russell Westbrook, LeBron James is above all sending a message for the next season: you will have to give everything to win the title, and have no regrets. We hope that his teammates have received the message, or the atmosphere risks being complex.



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