Une star veut entrainer Francis Ngannou en boxe !

Ultra imposing, Francis Ngannou seems “normal” next to this NBA star NBA

Francis Ngannou (Youtube)

Francis Ngannou has a physical almost superhuman with his 1m94 and his 120 kilos of muscles. But occasionally, when he meets other great athletes, he seems much less terrifying. The proof with this viral snapshot alongside a big NBA star.

Francis Ngannou is perhaps the greatest physical phenomenon in UFC history… So yes, other legendary heavyweights like Brock Lesnar or Alistair Overeem had bulging muscles, insane speed and terrifying strength, but they obtained these results with the help of some illegal products. On the Predator side, everything is 100% natural.

With his 1m94 and his 120 kilos of muscles, the Cameroonian passes 90% of men on this earth for children. The latest video shared by the heavyweight champion on his Instagram account also allows realize its terrifying stature. With this POV sequence, we can only sympathize with those who dare to step into the octagon with him.

Francis Ngannou “banal” next to Brandon Ingram

But occasionally, it is Francis Ngannou who finds himself in the role of the “little one”, which should not happen to him often in everyday life. For example, a while ago he took a picture with Shaquille O’Neal, and the difference in height and weight is quite impressive. The same phenomenon almost happened this Friday, during his meeting with NBA All-Star Brandon Ingram.

In this viral photo, which made Pelicans fans happy, Francis Ngannou appears to be a “normal” sized human, which means two things. The first, and this is the most surprising, is that Brandon Ingram is particularly square at the shoulders, since it takes up at least as much space as the Predator. Not bad for a player described as “skinny” since joining the NBA. The second is best explained by Internet users.

Ngannou is probably taller than 1m94 mdr

francis Ngannou may be bigger than the UFC claims, and Brandon Ingram is way bigger than NBA fans think. This photo is definitely full of lessons, in addition to highlighting two great champions.



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