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« LeBron James veut faire taire les fans de ce joueur »

Total metamorphosis for a Laker, who completely panics the fans!

Following a failed season, many Lakers want to rectify the situation next year. This is obviously the case with LeBron James, or Anthony Davis, but not only. On the bench, a player is experiencing a relatively busy summer, to the point that his team asks him to rest. But it does not take, enough to delight the supporters.

The new season is still far from starting, but the Lakers know that they really have no room for error. After a failed exercise, without playoffs in the end, there will be no second chance next year. Fans are waiting for changes, with the possible arrival of Kyrie Irving. We are also expecting other movements in the coming weeks, as just announced by the owner.

A determined Laker for this summer!

But for some players, no question of twiddling their thumbs during this offseason. This is the case of Austin Reaves, who takes their summer very seriously. Between shooting sessions, training with teammates and bodybuilding, the young player does not rest. A behavior that should please, even if be careful not to suffer a rather stupid injury.

Austin Reaves has been doing three sessions a day with weight training, training with his teammates, then returning to the gym at night to take shots since mid-May. The Lakers told him to take a week off, but he replied, “Nothing to f*****. I will continue to work. »

He will be an All-Star next season

He’s gonna get hated for it but it’s really strong

Austin Reaves hasn’t been idle since the end of the season, but be careful not to overdo it either. At least the motivation is there for the Laker, determined to bring his team back to the top. He should get a good role off the bench with Darvin Ham, especially given his mentality.



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