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Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1231 of Monday, July 18, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1231 of Monday, July 18, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Justin’s suicide attempt relaunch the investigation, Sofia and Romain have an altercation with Camille. At the same time, the relationship between Damien and Léo takes on another dimension.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us which will be broadcast Monday evening on TF1. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday July 18 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Justin attempted suicide

After being rushed to hospital and transfused, Justin Poget is now out of danger. Victoire confirms to Martin that the young man has attempted suicide. According to her, the cuts on his body prove that he had to do it several times. That’s what saved him. Victoire explains to Commander Constant that she also noticed that Justin had strange bruises all over his torso. She is certain that he was hit by someone shortly before his suicide attempt.

At the farmhouse, life goes on despite the pain of recent events. Alex prepares an order that he had obtained thanks to Noa’s connections. He confides in his brother that he feels guilty for what happened to Judith’s ex-boyfriend. But Robin assures him that he had nothing to do with Noa’s death and encourages him to pull himself together. Judith, meanwhile, seems determined to drown in work so as not to sink.

Anna, for her part, goes to the prison for a visit with Bart. She tries to convince her son not to give up and to defend himself to prove his innocence. But Bart feels like he no longer has any reason to fight. Anna points out to him that she is there, that she needs him. And adds that his future child, whom he will have with Sara and Roxane, will need a father. She is certain that Bart will make a very good father and hopes that the imminent arrival of this child will push him not to give up.

After the search of Justin Poget’s home, Georges tells Martin that the apartment was upside down. However, no trace of blood was found, but the police unearthed more than 10,000 euros in cash under the young man’s bed. As well as a cufflink in the living room.

Warned by the hospital of Justin’s awakening, Sara decides to question him. Justin claims not to remember what happened before his suicide attempt. Sara tries to get him to confess to Noa’s murder and the identity of the person who paid him 10,000 euros to do this dirty work. She points out to him that a kid died because of him and that an innocent man is languishing in prison. But Victoire, who has been alerted by Justin, asks Sara to leave the room and let her patient rest.

Before going to sea with Dorian for a while, Etienne goes to the hospital to kiss Bénédicte. The latter, who is obviously preparing to find her lover for the evening, is uncomfortable. Etienne confesses to his wife that he finds her magnificent and that he would almost like not to go to sea in order to be able to dine with her and the friends with whom she claims to have an appointment. He also assures Bénédicte that he will miss her very much.

The cufflink found at Justin’s house has been analyzed but the samples for DNA research are insufficient. Georges, however, lets Martin know that he thinks he can go back to the manufacturer thanks to the pattern engraved on the button.

Meanwhile, Robin is getting ready when Bénédicte calls her to find out what time they are meeting. When he hangs up, he realizes that one of his cufflinks has disappeared. Alex then arrives and offers him a drink. His meeting not being for right away, Robin accepts and declares to his brother that he will always have time for him. But once Alex’s back is turned, Robin’s expression completely changes and glares in the direction of his little brother.

Sofia decides to leave earlier than planned for Spain

Aurore and William’s clandestine investigation of Romain yielded nothing. Aurore’s colleagues from the financial brigade did not find anything suspicious about their daughter’s boyfriend. Manon tries to make her parents understand that Romain and Sofia are really in love, but the Dauniers don’t want to hear anything. They refuse to let Sofia go to Spain with Romain.

At the hospital, Samuel assures William that Romain has changed. He advises his best friend to communicate more with Sofia, but Doctor Daunier sticks to his guns. He asks Samuel to throw Romain out of his house without delay. Samuel ends up accepting, but adds that it will be up to William to assume the consequences of all this.

Meanwhile, at the straw hut, Sofia and Romain come across Camille, who can’t believe she comes face to face with the man who tried to kill her father a little over a year ago. She asks Romain to leave and starts making a scene. Sofia promises that Romain is no longer the same, but Camille doesn’t want to hear anything. Before leaving, she tells Sofia that she shouldn’t come crying the day Romain attacks her. Sofia saw this scene very badly but Romain admits that he can’t really blame Camille for reacting in this way.

Later, against all odds, Charlie tries to comfort Sofia who feels like people will never accept the fact that Romain has changed. Charlie thinks Sofia should follow her instincts and not care what other people think. Surprised and touched, Sofia then admits to her best enemy that she lied to her and that the straw hut she intends to open with Romain will be in Spain, and not near here. Without really admitting it, the two young women realize that they could have become friends if the circumstances had been different.

At the end of the day, Samuel, who really doesn’t want to keep his promise to William, encourages Sofia to talk to her parents. But the young woman, who is tired of seeing the problems caused by her love life, has made a decision: she is going to Spain earlier than planned. She knows her parents won’t change their minds about Romain. Leaving is therefore the best solution. Especially since William and Aurore are obviously not the only ones to blame Romain in Sète. She thinks they will never be safe here and have to start from scratch.

Damien wants to be Leo’s godfather

At the Roussels’, Léo finds in a cupboard the box containing the things his father left him. Audrey wanted to wait until he was older to give them to him, but Leo seems happy to have these few memories of Stanislas. Including a watch that Damien helps him operate.

Not working today, Damien then suggests that Leo go for a walk. They both go to the hut, where they engage in a game of chess on the beach while talking. Leo confesses that he would have liked his father to be present at his last tournament to see him win. Damien then offers to come to his next tournament, and Leo is delighted. They then discover another point in common: electro music. And, with the help of Nathan who is doing the show on the beach, Damien manages to push Leo to let go and dance.

In the evening, Damien makes a big announcement to Audrey. If it’s still too early to consider an adoption, he would very much like to be Leo’s official godfather. Audrey wonders what will happen if they ever break up, but Damien swears it won’t change her commitment or affection for Leo. Even if, for Damien, there is no reason for them to separate since they love each other.



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