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La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a fait l'objet de grosses révélations concernant son isolement progressif dans le vestiaire de la franchise cette saison

The surprise franchise that could save Russell Westbrook!

With the latest statements from LeBron James, the future of Russell Westbrook seems really compromised in Los Angeles. The problem is that there aren’t many potential buyers on file, and he could ultimately being saved by an unexpected team.

Russell Westbrook is in a rather complex situation at the Lakers. When he agreed to come to his hometown last summer, he had to expect to play the title, to be adored by fans at Staples Center, to form an exceptional trio with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, as he had been able to do in Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant and James Harden…

Unfortunately for him, after only a short season he has become undesirable and his future is up in the air. The King is also the first to make it understood, with his icy attitude during the Summer League in Las Vegas, where he ignored his teammate, then with his recent statement targeted at the ringleader. Obviously, he couldn’t stand having partners who don’t want to win.

Russell Westbrook saved by the Jazz?!

The problem is that with a contract at 47 million dollars, few teams can accommodate his salary, which does not facilitate negotiations. The Nets are obviously a lead, since he could switch places with Kyrie Irving, but a refusal by Rob Pelinka completely blocks this possibility for the moment. In fact, it’s an unexpected franchise that could save Mr. Triple-Double.

Rumor: People in the NBA microcosm think it’s plausible that the Jazz will trade Russell Westbrook before releasing him.

Not only would the Jazz consider recovering Russell Westbrook in an exchange, the franchise would also agree to release him from his contract to allow him to find a competitive team quickly, with a necessarily lower salary. This possibility risks hurting the ego of the point guard, who is considered dead weight in the league, but it is perhaps the most interesting from a sporting point of view.

Indeed, he will be able to listen to all the offers made to him, and choose his next franchise according to the proposed role and his ambitions. If he wants to play for the title, he may have to accept a lower place in the rotation, but if he wants to have fun in an average team, he can do it. It remains to be seen whether this rumor will materialize in the coming weeks.

The more time passes, the less the future of Russell Westbrook seems to be written in Los Angeles. LeBron James is powerful within the organization, and if he continues to make statements against his leader, it’s a safe bet that he will win his case.



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