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chet holmgren summer league

the recap of the ninth day!

Tonight was already one of the last three nights of Summer League. A sentence that resonates painfully here, since basketball fans will no longer have fresh images from the US to chew on every morning for a little while. Come on, enjoy this recap which will once again talk about the most anticipated rookies in the league as unknown guys in the battalion. And above all: don’t be sad because it’s almost over, be happy because it happened. In any case, that’s what we read on a Skyblog between two coffees at 3am.

The results of the night:

Clippers-Jazz: It’s 11 p.m. when the game starts. What do we do at 11 p.m. in the middle of July? Generally, we enjoy a mild summer evening, dusk and the appearance in the sky of the first stars. Missed, here we look at the stars which open the ballet of this evening at the start of the weekend in Vegas. Brandon Boston Jr (22 points) and Leandro Bolmaro (19 points) led their teams to development, an assumed status for NBA players all year round. Moreover, the two boys used their talent to offer us a superb match. Correction, a Summer League match in fact (lol). More seriously, this dear Boston Jr will have been good in his sneakers and made a good impression. Enough to make us want to see him back at work in October with the Clippers. No playing time for Moussa Diabaté, because rest is important too.

Sixers-Nuggets: A stat ‘on this match? The Sixers led up to 41-17 in the first half. Yes, that immediately gives you an idea of ​​the level of suspense of this part which ranges between “Chris Froome attacks in Ventoux” and “Bordeaux will take six this weekend”. Since we still have to talk about this meeting, let’s take this opportunity to make two or three compliments to the best player of the evening on the Nuggets side. This is Christian Braun, the rookie selected by Denver in 21st position in the last Draft. Incisive as much as instinctive, the 21-year-old will never hesitate in the match to physically engage in percussion. A signal to be taken with a grain of salt given the stakes and the level of adversity, but it must be recognized that this is very encouraging for the rest of his training in Colorado.

Warriors–Thunder: It must be recognized that this poster was to be that of the evening in many respects. James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, Mac McClung for Golden State, and Chet Holgrem, Josh Giddey, Ousmane Dieng for OKC. Another big blow of peppery flair since the last three cities will not tread the floor. At the same time, logical given the potential of the jewelry we are talking about. The three wags showed everything they needed to prove this week, so they earned the right to puff their chests courtyard with their best outfits. As for the game? Boh, Warriors victory with a James Wiseman still confident (14 points, 7 rebounds). The Summer League test seems to be a success for James: no injuries, stats that show that the guy is still a basketball player with great potential. Among the Warriors, this simple sentence is a valid reason to crack the champagne tomorrow night and it makes sense.

Kings–Suns: Hello, here is the point “Keegan Murray is very strong in basketball” of Saturday, July 16, 2022. Against the Suns, the fourth choice of the 2022 Draft has again spread out his complete offensive palette which quite honestly makes us all salivate at the idea of see her rubbing shoulders with the best next fall. 21 points and 10 rebounds for Kigane, of course the game’s top scorer otherwise it’s not funny. Frenchie Olivier Sarr has been left to rest on the Phoenix side, but hey it’s Friday night so that will give him the opportunity to enjoy Sin City a bit, let’s not forget that the Summer League is also a great opportunity to visit Vegas . The Kings squad is really strong in this competition, nothing to say. Keon Ellis, Jared Rhoden… it assumes strong against the opponent as it is. Too bad it’s only a ten-day tournament in the middle of summer.

Pacers–Wizards: It’s starting to be a bit of a drag here, and it’s not this match that will make us regain our vitality. What to say ? Not much, except for fourteen points from Kendall Brown, such interesting info you’ll forget about it before Dory. Mathurin is absent, Duarte too, fun fun fun. Typically the kind of treacherous moment in a night, the one where the last coffee is too recent to take another one but hey, it would still be good to send a little caffeine down your throat to resist. Yes but it spins belly words in the early morning, difficult choice. It will finally be a good sandwich of pâté to go up the slope, and with success.

Heat–Raptors: A meeting validated by Kyle Lowry. But not played by Kyle Lowry, and that’s a shame. No big deal, let’s be positive since Armori Brooks is playing and he will even be the game’s top scorer with 17 points. No we’re kidding, quickly bring Scotty Pippen Jr back because it would start to be half a sleep knockout victory here. The conditions are dantesque: the blur settles in the eyes, the head tilts. It’s decided, caffeine round for everyone. Orlando Robinson is still playing with Miami, know for your information that with his thirteen points tonight multiplied by the number of letters in his blaze, and that we add the number of Miami titles multiplied by his eleven rebounds, we arrive at 228, or roughly the Miami – Orlando route in miles. Coincidence? Impossible.

Lakers–Pelicans: Vamonosfinally rookies who play, and who make you want to land in front of the game! Scotty Pippen Jr will have been very clean as usual, let’s get straight to the point. 11 points, 7 assists for Scottie’s son, let’s say his place in the NBA would be a just reward for a controlled Summer League from start to finish, from San Francisco to Las Vegas. For the rest ? Dyson Daniels did not play, so we will indeed have had the fifth in order concerning the rookies left to rest. Shareef O’Neal was also left to rest, at the end of a summer league that was not particularly successful in many respects in terms of play. Anything else? Ah yes, Cole Swider’s 21 puntos, all easy tonight. Come on, it’s finally time to go to bed, we part as usual on the evening program because we like things well done here.

Pictures of the night:

The evening program:

  • 9 p.m.: Hawks – Cavaliers
  • 10 p.m.: Magic – Pistons
  • 11 p.m.: Hornets-Wolves
  • 0 a.m.: Grizzlies – Spurs
  • 1am: Bulls-Sixers
  • 2 a.m.: Nets-Celtics
  • 3 a.m.: Rockets-Kings
  • 4 a.m.: Lakers-Mavericks
  • 5 a.m.: Heat – Clippers

Source: ESPN/NBA



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