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La pépite française de l'ASVEL, Victor Wembanyama, a livré un récital face à l'Argentine en marge de la coupe du monde u19, avec une action sensationnelle

The new mind-blowing comparison of an expert for Victor Wembanyama!

Victor Wembanyama is a prodigy that the basketball world has been watching with love for several months now. Destined to be n°1 of the Draft 2023, he has just received a new exceptional compliment, since he has been compared to a mixture of all the most great interiors !

At only 18 years old, Victor Wembanyama has just put a lot of pressure on his shoulders with his rather unexpected decision. While all ASVEL leaders wanted to make him the centerpiece of the team for his second season in the EuroLeaguethe future n°1 of the Draft 2023 has decided to leave the triple champion of France to return to his native Paris region.

At the Metropolitans 92, the prodigy of French basketball will not have the opportunity to play in the European Cup, but he risks being the star of the workforce in Betclic Elite, and he will be able to show the scouts what he is up to. is capable with a consequent role in a system. He is expected as a generational player, he is seen as one of the greatest prospects in history, as LeBron Jameslike Luka Doncic, it is up to him to confirm it for his last year in France.

Wembanyama mixes Gobert, Giannis and Porzingis?

While waiting to see him evolve in his third team at the professional level, the American experts continue to salivate by observing the highlights of Victor Wembanyama. Moreover, in a recent video, the youtubeur JxmyHighroller, NBA specialist with 2 million subscribers, made a simply mind-blowing comparison for the future pillar of the France team. Attention, he also sees a downside.

Victor Wembanyama is like no other player in NBA history. He can protect the circle like Rudy Gobert, he can initiate an attack like Kristaps Porzingis, he can run the pitch like Giannis Antetokounmpo, and pass like Arvydas Sabonis… All that in one man. With such talent, the teams will risk everything to collect this ultimate reward.

But in the 21st century, only two players taller than 2m18 have managed to make a real impact in the league: Kristaps Porzingis and Yao Ming. Both had careers totally disrupted by repeated injuries. It is virtually impossible for Victor Wembanyama to escape this syndrome. In fact, since 2000, top draft picks over 6ft 10in have missed 25% of games…

This particularly respected youtubeur on the internet readily recognizes the talent of Victor Wembanyama, who brings together the qualities of several great interiors of recent years, but the history of injuries for players of his size is not necessarily reassuring. And we must recognize that the prodigy has not been spared this season in Villeurbanne… Let’s hope that he will be more durable in Boulogne, then in the NBA.

Victor Wembanyama is expected as the messiah in the NBA, he must obviously feel some pressure in the face of all these compliments. Rarely has an 18-year-old been showered with such praise, that is to say his talent.



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