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Nouveau calvaire pour Kevin Durant, qui contredit ouvertement son coach !

“That’s the only reason Durant hasn’t been traded yet”

Kevin Durant has yet to be traded by Brooklyn, despite wanting to leave the franchise. However, if the status quo is maintained for the moment, it would be for a very specific reason according to an analyst… and it would be the fault of the Slim Reaper himself.

A week after requesting his transfer, Kevin Durant is still a Nets player. The winger is not easy to exchange, given that we are talking about a superstar with a big contract (197 million over four years from 2022-23). The franchise therefore wants to obtain a satisfactory counterpart, which will probably have to say goodbye to its franchise player. However, if the file is progressing very slowly, it is not solely the fault of the New York leaders.

Indeed, the winger immediately made specific requests, not wishing to be traded anywhere although he had no say in the matter at all. We know, for example, that he would very much like to play on the side of Phoenix or Miami, two ambitious teams with good players. The problem, as analyst Amin Elhassan explained recently, is that if they are hyped to acquire it, setting up a deal with blacks and whites is very complicated for them:

Miami and Phoenix unable to trade for KD?

The only reason we have a sticking point is that Durant said “Here’s my list of destinations,” so-called. Phoenix, Miami: two teams that may not be as asset-rich as the Nets would like. In Phoenix’s case, they can offer each of their draft picks for the next seven years. If you’re Brooklyn, it looks like they’re looking for talent too. It’s not just draft picks.

And so, Cam Johnson and Mikal Bridges aren’t making things happen. Deandre Ayton, God knows what’s going on with his situation, and it’s deadlocked in Phoenix. In Miami, we wonder if Tyler Herro is quite talented. And then they’re limited in the draft picks they can offer because of the first-round pick they owe Oklahoma City in the Meyers Leonard trade.

In other words, KD may have chosen the worst possible trading partners for Brooklyn as their preferred destinations. Both the Suns and the Heat would have to make big sacrifices to bring in the Slim Reaper, but the problem is that he wants to play with their respective hard cores. Quite a dilemma… So, maybe it’s another competitor who could pocket the betin the coming days.

Kevin Durant got himself into the mix, asking to be traded to teams that can’t afford to give up that much for a player of his caliber. The 2014 MVP will therefore have to prepare to play somewhere else than he wanted, in 2022-23.



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