Texans officially close Watson chapter

Texans officially close Watson chapter

Although they traded quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns in March, the Houston Texans were still indirectly linked to the center, who faced lawsuits from 30 women in the case. sexual misconduct against Watson. However, this is a thing of the past since the Texas organization has reached amicable agreements with the 30 complainants.

Victims’ attorney Anthony Buzbee said the case was closed in a statement found by The Washington Post on Friday. However, he did not specify the details of each agreement, preferring to keep everything confidential.

All these women blamed the NFL club for ignoring the behavior of the player behind the center, even though he was aware of what was going on.

“I will not comment on the allegations or the alleged role of the Texans in this matter, other than that there is a huge contrast between how the Texans have handled this situation and how the whole thing has been handled by Watson’s legal team,” Buzbee said.

Even if they preferred to settle everything out of court, the Texans continued to plead their innocence in this case, stipulating that they were unaware of Watson’s actions.

“Although our organization had no knowledge of the sexual misconduct alleged against Deshaun Watson, we intentionally chose to settle everything out of court, can we read in the press release from the Texans. This is not a way to admit in any way that we are in the wrong, but rather a stand to denounce all forms of sexual misconduct.

“We hope this resolution provides closure for those involved, our supporters and the Houston community. As an organization, we are now turning our attention to the future and will do everything we can to ensure respect among all.”

If the Texans were able to move on, Watson is still at the heart of the scandal. Although he settled 20 cases out of court earlier this year, four remain unresolved. In addition to awaiting the outcome of these cases, Watson is awaiting a response from a disciplinary officer jointly hired by the NFL and its Players Association, who should issue a suspension to the quarterback after a hearing that will have lasted three days.



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