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She refuses to pay a locksmith after losing her keys, they discover the horror of cats

This story tells the horror that three cats have lived. It was the La Patte Normande association that saved these cats. The drama took place in the apartment of a building. These three cats were locked in the apartment and are living in hell. We tell you everything here.

Giving up cats for the holidays

It is unfortunately known that during the holiday period, especially in summer, animals are too often abandoned. In terms of statistics, it’s more than 1000 cats and dogs left on the side of the road or at gas stations. The act of abandonment is an act that is punishable by law. Indeed, a 2-year prison sentence and a fine of 30,000 euros is possible for abandonment. Yet many shelters are ready to save them. But most of the time, animals abandoned are starving, illness or run over by a car…

The story of these three cats is also linked to abandonment. But they weren’t left on the side of a road, but locked up in an apartment, alone for three weeks. Their owner had gone on vacation, but when he returned, he no longer had his keys. He refused to call a locksmith who could see inside his apartment. So he decided to move elsewhere. This story took place during the heat wave. The danger was therefore very strong for his cats. Luckily, the association La Patte Normande quickly learned of the situation. So it was the volunteers who tried their best to help the cats. They poured water under the front door so cats can drink.

Cats in an inhuman hell

The association tried numerous times to contact the owner. In the end, she was left with no choice but to call a locksmith and pay him to free the three poor cats. They were found in a sorry state. Indeed, very thin and completely dehydrated, they lived in filth. The apartment was a dump. The floor, filled with rubbish, at least allowed the cats to eat a little. Of the three cats, one seemed pregnant.

To come to their aid, they therefore all three saw an emergency at the veterinarian. The three cats are finally safe and sound. The association said “lhe little female is surely pregnant. The kitty will need time to regain confidence. I don’t understand how you can go to bed peacefully at night knowing that our animals are dying locked up alone for weeks”.

Adoption takes a life

Still too often, animals are adopted for fashion or superficiality. You can’t adopt animals because they look cute and neglected like these cats. When you adopt, you guarantee a life, in the same way as the adoption or the birth of a child. You have to be sure you can invest yourself both emotionally and financially with this animal. Still too many are dying abandoned.

Especially since for them, you represent all their lives. Today, there are no shortage of solutions for leaving without taking your animals. Canine or feline pensions, to the dog sitter who can therefore come once or twice a day to feed them and take them out. Every life is precious. Let’s protect them.



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