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she leaves with the children, he provokes her with his ex

she leaves with the children, he provokes her with his ex

Since last Monday, The Rest of the World: Romance in Ibiza is broadcast on our screens. Unfortunately, the new season of the RDM focusing on the marriage of Nikola Lozina and Laura does not thrill the crowds. In effect, recent audiences do not exceed 400,000 viewers for a program that normally counts double. On the other hand, a show is currently a hit on 6play! It is “It’s the family”a reality show around the main characters of Marseilles filmed in their daily lives. From the first episodes, the tone rises between Manon and Julien Tantiparents of two children, married, and in a relationship since 2016.

Manon Tanti, who is disconnected from reality about prices, has become the laughingstock of the web for a few days. Indeed, the young woman wishes to undertake works worth 300,000 euros in his magnificent villa in Dubai. A project that her husband does not validate at all !

Manon Tanti tired of managing everything for years?

In “It’s the family”, Manon therefore wishes to enlarge her house. To do this, it will be necessary to break a good part of the latter. For Julien Tanti, who has not been consulted, it is out of the question to leave his villa where he feels so good for several months. But his wife cares about his future added value and leaves him no choice! An attitude that greatly shocked internet users.

Reading some tweets, Julien Tanti, who has just celebrated his 34th birthday, realized that he was hurting them…

On the evening of July 14, a violent argument then broke out between the two young parents of Tiago and Angelina. The Marseillais would no longer support his wife deciding everything in their relationship. Since then, Manon and Julien Tanti would be in full rupture!

“Manon has been managing everything for years. Yesterday, they started talking calmly, then afterwards, it went up in the towers and it exploded! A lot of reproaches were made. Manon told him that he didn’t speak a word of English and that she managed everything in Dubai: money, business, real estate, children, finances. Moreover, she decreed that she was the one who put him back on the right track and that she had changed him for the better. Julien owes him the life he leads today”said the Instagram account @tmzofficiel.

Julien Tanti follows his ex Parisa to steal his wife

For her part, her husband twisted. He replied that it was she who owed him everything since if she is there, it is because she is in a relationship with Julien Tanti, the “padre” of the Marseilles. The “problem king” reportedly added that “It’s thanks to him that she got her head out of the water” and “If she hadn’t hooked up with him, she’d still be twerking in Miami with Wiz Khalifa“. Following this, Manon would have taken her things and left with the children.

Since then, none sign of life of the mother of the family…

When Julien Tanti discovered that she was no longer there, he provoked her on social networks by posting murderous tweets written by viewers. Worse still, he tries to sting her by subscribing to the Instagram accounts of women with generous shapes. He also followed his ex Parisa, the ultra sexy booker of Marseilles in Thailandwith whom he had an affair.

Julien and Manon’s relatives still do not know where the young woman is now… Manon Tanti has been missing since the evening of July 14 and that would freak out her husband. Normally, the couple would have spent the night in Cannes, but Manon no longer answers anyone on the phone, not even her loved ones…




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