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REVIEW of Resident Evil: a Netflix series to forget, quickly

REVIEW of Resident Evil: a Netflix series to forget, quickly

Franchise resident Evil began with excellent video games developed by Capcomthen to titles eyeing more and more action, while the license was brought to the cinema by Paul WS Anderson and Constantin Movie. Five shameful or nanardesque feature films according to the opinions, very fortunately, Capcom gave birth to very good games Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Town these last years. But at the cinema, we were entitled to Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Citya far from successful live-action film, but a bit interesting.

The license is far from dead, it is also back this month on netflix with a series soberly titled resident Evilnext Albert Wester and her daughters Jade and Billy in 2022, at the dawn of a zombie apocalypse. At the same time, we support Jade Wester in the year 2036, trying to survive in this dark and violent new world and seeking to destroy Umbrella. A journey of eight episodes in the universe of resident Evilwhich was clearly dispensable.

Netflix’s Resident Evil series is one to watch, whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not.

resident Evil therefore begins in 2022, whileAlbert Wester moved into new officesUmbrella Corporationmore than 20 years after the tragedy that occurred in Raccoon City. Yes, the series is canon, the incident of the first video games did indeed take place, Umbrella as a reminder created a virus T intended for the army, which turned the inhabitants into zombies and forced the destruction of the entire city by a nuclear warhead, but officially, it was a banal accident and the firm is now entering the pharmaceutical market . Of course, there is a concern in the lab of New Raccoon City (yes, they dared), the start of trouble once again for Wesker and her two daughters, at the heart of the series. The, fans are already tearing their hair out. How Umbrella can she still exist dragging all her pots and pans from the past? Why Albert Wester is he alive when Chris Redfield settled his account in Resident Evil 5 ? Why are the bosses of megacorporations so mean? Well, the series provides many answers (except on the last point, sorry) and the fans soon have no hair from pulling them out. Funny thing, the series tries to relate to our reality, evoking at several times the COVID-19, it must be said that at the mention of a dangerous virus which gives in particular fever, impossible not to think about it.

resident Evil could have been an interesting series if it did not take place in the canonical universe of the franchise resident Evil. By wanting to hang up with the universe of Capcomthe scenario pulls out of the wheels, failing to properly shoot zombies in the head. It does not stand up, but nevertheless, the winks are numerous, we are not going to reveal them here, but cult characters and enemies of the license are present on the screen, even if they are not necessarily well respected. resident Evil would have really benefited from being an independent zombie series, the idea of ​​the montage alternating between the past with the origin of the apocalypse and the future showing a ravaged world works rather well, never losing the viewer (except towards the end where he becomes too nervous to raise the tension) and the scenario is not stingy in suspense, even if the reversals of situation are once again very badly brought for the fans. The series raises in passing some social subjects, such as homosexuality or immigration, reversed here with irony, but without ever stopping on the subject. But in general, the writing is strawberry, the script of these eight episodes does not stand upthe motivations of certain characters remain confused and, once again, by dint of being attached to the license, the series resident Evil loses fans and neophyte spectators at the same time.

Resident Evil Netflix Series (1)There remains perhaps the actors, it must be said that Lance Reddick, even if he has accustomed us to much better in fringe, John Wick or Quantum Break, happens to be effective in the first half of the series, but much less towards the end. A Albert Wester obviously different from the games and rather interesting in his role as a father under the orders ofUmbrellabut overall, the feeling of unease sets in over the episodes and scenes, with clearly awkward sequences at the endwhere actors and actresses give in the most total overplay, likeEvelyn Marcus (yes, the daughter of James Marcusco-founder ofUmbrella Corporationhere embodied by Paola Nuñez) who gratifies us with a… appalling dance. Ella Balinska, who plays Jade Wester adult, remains quite solid and manages to convey some emotions in her role as a survivor playing a central role in the story, but that’s all… And it’s not the staging that manages to raise the level, there’s nothing very interesting about the side of the framing or the lighting, it is the bare minimum, and above all: series resident Evil never scares, never tries to thrill and remains too wise to be really gory. A shame for a work inspired by a survival horror also cult.

You would have understood it, this series resident Evil of netflix is to be avoided, whether you are a fan of the franchise or not. The mini-series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (a film divided into four episodes to tell the truth) already produced by the platform of SVoD had already struggled to convince, but here there is nothing to salvage. No strong scene, no outstanding sequence, no really endearing character, Resident Evil is a shipwreck, which doesn’t even manage to be nanardesqueas was Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Last year. Worse, it almost makes us regret the saga with Milla Jovovich, appalling films, but ultimately a little funny… That is to say the quality of this series netflix which will be quickly forgotten by everyone, or at least by the brave who will watch it.

Note : 0.5 stars out of 5

You can find the live film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City on Blu-ray 4K UHD with steelbook for €23.75 on Amazon. The box is pretty, and to watch with other friends who are fans of the saga in the evening, it’s always better than this Netflix series.

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