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-M- explosif pour cette deuxième soirée des Nuits de Saint-Jacques : retour en images sur les concerts de ce 14 juillet 

-M- explosive for this second evening of the Nights of Saint-Jacques: return in images on the concerts of this July 14

More than 4,700 people were present this Thursday, July 14 to attend the second evening of the Nights of Saint-Jacques in a very caliente atmosphere.

A real pyrotechnic show
for me-

Photo Christophe Coffy

With his electric purple suit and matching guitar (with a few extra sequins), the artist -M- lit the fire around 10:50 p.m., setting off the Puy fireworks, to the sound of Machistador. A moment of pure madness!

Photo Christophe Coffy

For nearly two hours, the singer-songwriter played his hit hits, accompanied by his famous bassist, Gail Ann Dorsey.

-M- also did not hesitate to pay tribute to his dad, Louis Chedid, by singing “You see the child that there is in me”, his new creation.

Photo Christophe Coffy

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Photo Christophe Coffy

And, if the artist described the Nights of Saint-Jacques as a “small festival”, -M- nevertheless provided a show worthy of a Stade de France, not seeming to have suffered from his ascent to the Saint-Michel chapel. .

Julien Doré set the Nuits de Saint-Jacques on fire: a look back at the first evening of the festival, at Le Puy-en-Velay

Photo Christophe Coffy
Photo Jeanne Leborgne

Suzane created the surprise

Singer-songwriter Suzane created a surprise by inviting Grand Corps Malade, scheduled for Friday evening, to join her on stage. The time of a song, “During 24 hours”, the two artists mixed their voices to resonate their feminist commitment.

Photo Christophe Coffy

Photo Christophe Coffy
Photo Christophe Coffy
The young woman with militant lyrics played with the lights and her voice to make the audience sway to electro-pop sounds. With her title “Pura Vida”, she also called on the Ponots to “live in the moment” and enjoy their evening.

And a little anecdote, Suzanne said that she often came to Haute-Loire with her family during school holidays when she was little. “I am so happy to be in Puy-en-Velay”, she exclaimed with happiness!

Only question, will she be back on stage tomorrow to accompany her singing partner, Grand Corps Malade?

Photo Christophe Coffy

An electro-chill aperitif with Samaka

For many Ponots, the evening began with a little “electro-chill” aperitif accompanied by the tullist duo Samaka. The audience was carried away by Axelle’s soft and suave voice and Lenny’s guitar chords.

Photo Christophe Coffy

The a cappella interpretation of “Solo” captivated the audience, while the more pop sounds, such as “I draw myself”, had the first arrivals swaying under the setting sun.

Photo Christophe Coffy

A suspended moment of poetry, just to warm up.

Preparation, anecdotes, dressing rooms… Behind the scenes of the Nuits de Saint-Jacques festival

Show, but no heatstroke

While for the first time this year, the public was expected from 5 p.m. in the Henri-Vinay garden, everything was put in place to avoid heat stroke. A plastic cup is offered to each festival-goer at the entrance, misters are placed in different places and water is distributed very regularly.

The Red Cross system has also been reinforced, with six people mobilized every evening, to allow patrolling inside the site and to identify any discomfort.

Photo Christophe Coffy

And if the big stage is in full sun until around 7 p.m., many shaded corners allow spectators to take shelter. The editor’s favorite spot: on the deckchairs of the RiffX village, in the shade of the plane and lime trees, to listen to the Super Cool 3,000 concert.

Photo Christophe Coffy

Last night. For the third evening of the festival, Friday July 15, the artists Eddy de Pretto, Grand Corps Malade and Gaëtan Roussel are expected. The Henri-Vinay garden will open its doors again at 5 p.m.

Text: Jeanne Le Borgne
Photos: Christophe Coffy




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