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Compteurs Linky

Linky counters: The shocking news from Enedis has just fallen, the shock!

The Linky meter is a device manufactured by the electricity network manager Enedis. It is present in most homes and is distinguished by its green color and flashing lights. The device stands out from other meters because it is intelligent. Indeed, it makes it possible to have a follow-up of the consumption as well as to give information in real time on the consumption to the various energy suppliers.

In fact, this tool will allow you to better manage your consumption, to regulate it. Thus, you will see that your electricity bill will be much lower. Thanks to this counter, you can follow how previous tenants or owners used to get an approximate idea of ​​the amount of your next bills.

All to say that the Linky meter has many advantages. But despite this, some French people remain skeptical about installing it. As a result, Enedis made a final decision. Find out what was said in the ad.

Why do the French not accept the Linky meter?

If the French are a little reluctant to install this meter, it is because they have heard many opinions on it. And most of them are negative reviews.


The elderly see these new boxes as diffusers of bad energies and bad vibes. Moreover, some people are still convinced that the installation and maintenance of this new device entails additional costs.

power outages

Some subscribers may see their counter go off quite often. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the devices you own are much more powerful than the package you have subscribed to. You will regularly see this problem if your household is using much more energy than you subscribed to. The built-in circuit breaker will then blow your meter.

Ants nest

During the summer, you may see tons of ants taking refuge in your enclosure. This is because they are attracted to the starchy substance on the wires inside the casing. Even if you mount your enclosure high up, you may not be fully protected.

To get rid of your ants, you need to call in a specialist. Avoid eliminating them yourself with your products. This could damage your wires, and therefore completely destroy your meter.

The Enedis announcement

It’s a fact, the Linky meter is increasingly present in households. However, there are still millions of French people who still have not installed it in their homes. Faced with this, Enedis took a radical decision. The energy supplier wants to convert all non-members to members, so they are speeding up the process.

So for all the people who refuse its installation, they will be obliged to pay 8.30 € in addition to their bills every two months. Rest assured this measure is not yet valid. It will only take effect from January 1, 2023. Two years later, in 2025, this amount will be reassessed. It is therefore likely to increase.

In addition, you should know that the law requires the installation of this box. Know that the technician who must carry out the installation is free to use all the means at his disposal to do so. If you decide to prevent him from proceeding with the installation, you would be liable to a fine.

Before you decide to dismiss this installation out of hand, take the time to understand why these new meter designs are recommended. The most important thing to remember is that they make reading your consumption easier for you and your supplier. They allow you to avoid having a technician come in to do it. Always saving money, you will be able to see your consumption in real time, and therefore review it. When you consult the data of your meter, you will have the consumption of peak hours and off-peak hours.

This information can be very useful to you, as electricity is cheaper during off-peak hours. It can make you radically change the way you consume. Thus, if you used to run your machines during peak hours, high consumption is recorded. From now on, you will do them during off-peak hours. In this way, you will considerably reduce your electricity bill.



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